In what way did the use of nuclear weapons against Japan change international relations - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: In what ways did the use of nuclear weapons against Japan Change international relations? On August 6 1945, Hiroshima a coastal city with over three hundred people became the first target ever of an atomic bomb. Killing instantly about 71000 men women and children mostly by sudden fatal burning and secondary fires ten thousands were to die slowly of wounds burns and radiation sickness…
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In what way did the use of nuclear weapons against Japan change international relations
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"In what way did the use of nuclear weapons against Japan change international relations"

Download file to see previous pages The first use of atomic bomb symbolized the ever widening gap between mans dynamic progress in the attainment of destructive capacity through science and technology and his corresponding lack of progress in area of peace and security. In his message to congress President Truman on October in 3 1943 stated that; ‘International relations as in domestic affairs, release of atomic energy constitutes a new force to revolutionary to consider in framework of old ideas. (Viner, 1946 p 53). The use of nuclear weapons meant that that nations were the only genuine international actors as well as the only foundation for national defence since states in the nuclear power had ability to annihilate one another, none of the states would be willing to pick up a nuclear risk for another one, since its every survival would be at stake. Secondly no state could fully trust one another. Nuclear bipolarity forced all states that were non –nuclear to line up in their respective blocks, and prevented legitimate emergence of other nuclear actors. Nuclear weapons and threat had an influence on how states and statement acts. For these reasons the use of nuclear weapons would not, could not and will not be ignored. (Lewis, 1999. p225) International relation as a system of interaction between nations underwent major changes. From the end of the Second World War up to the end of cold war in 1991 several issues gained prominence in the international relations. These are; strengthened existence of non state actors as vital players in international relations, energy, environment, terrorism, globalization, communication and revolution. Although the world become unipolar as the United States remained the only super power. The present international relations became more interdependent due to spread of globalization and international trade, information technology evolution, terrorism and environmental degradation. States started to seek cooperation from other states and compete with each other as they became largely dependent with each other. (aneek chaterjee, 2010 p7) After the bombing of Japan, they surrendered and this led to the end of the Second World War. This was seen by many in Britain as blessing in disguise as it provided a unique rapture in the international relations and provided an opportunity for its reconstruction into a peaceful and lasting form. He focus shifted in united nation organisations and allied agencies. (The Journal American History published, 2011) Use of nuclear weapons haunted every international conference and treaties.First and vital cause of use of nuclear weapons against the Japan led to the cold war. “Cold war was a product of clash between Soviet Union and American Ideologies and stuggle for advantage between the two and the personality of John Stalin”( Colin S Gray 2007). In addition it caused a split to the second world wars allies especially between the United States and the Soviet Union. There two issues that strained the relationship of the United States and Soviet Union: the secrecy of manufacturing the atomic bomb and the sequential dropping of the bomb in Japan. Soviet Union viewed this as betrayal of trust between the two super powers. This became the beginning of mutual suspicion and mistrust that led to mutual distrust between the two nations. United States continued to enjoy the monopoly of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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