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Name Instructor Task Date Iran is developing a nuclear weapons program Introduction The world has been plunged into chaos with various nations battling to regain superiority in the world’s list of superpower nations. The accumulation of dangerous weapons had first appeared among the soviet nations during the cold war era when Russia had been suspected of producing nuclear weapons…
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Iran is Developing a Nuclear Weapons Program
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"Iran is Developing a Nuclear Weapons Program"

If these agreements are not reached at, there is probable threat of a universal instability that may lead to an outbreak of a major war. The strength of the nations is measured by their ability to create super weapons that are superior within the ranks of other nations. This paper argues out the credibility of the nuclear production in Iraq and articulates the measures that may be implemented to sustain the existing global peace. In the 1980s, a serious war broke out between Iran and their neighbors Iraq. There was a high casualty number with the victims having to face the implication of nuclear weapons. The year 2007 assessment by the US intelligence revealed that the Iranian country had been working on a nuclear weapon, and its design had been ended in 2003. The intention for the creation of the weapon was not clear, but it indicated that its completion was still not close. The nation’s capability to generate a complete threatening nuclear program was suggested to be minimal, but recent developments have articulated the production of the weapons as a threat. President Obama confirmed the production of weapons by Iraq when questioned about the possibility of an airstrike by Israel and suggested that the country should stop its nuclear production (Joscelyn). ...
Iran, however, were not willing to admit their threat to the world and have not corporate to reduce the threat that their actions have presented. The mystery presented around the nuclear production by Iran has had limited evidence to point out these fete to the society. The fact that the US president could address the public on the issue meant that there could be a possibility of ongoing production. The normal world super powers have presented similar approach to protect their civilians from intelligent information, to reduce the insecurity threats that may be the result of the measures. The measure by Iraq to deny any involvement in the nuclear production, and yet it is proved that they have developed an interest in its development has developed suspicion among nations. Majority may argue on the theory that they have all the materials that are necessary for the production of a nuclear weapon and are most likely in production (Oppel Jr.). Iran has argued against enriching its uranium deposit level for the production of nuclear weapons. No nation could collect uranium in the level that Iran possesses for commercial use for its citizens. It can create nuclear weapons but articulates the development for peaceful purposes refraining from the conflict that the weapons may generate. Iran has belonged to the NPT since 1970 and has supported a no tolerance level to the nuclear weapons development. Iran has since developed nuclear infrastructure that involves the mining of uranium, its conversion and enrichment. The UN has since passed regulations that limit Iran from pursuing its uranium enrichment programs. However, the tension was rejuvenating when Iran revealed the development of another enhancement facility next to its city of Qom in 2009. Read More
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