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Historical Context of Sustainability: Iron Ore Mining in Russia - Coursework Example

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The author of this paper describes the dangers and risks associated with iron ore and metal both to the individuals and the environment from the processing perspective. It also covers the health risks involved and the remediation by the practicing company…
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Historical Context of Sustainability: Iron Ore Mining in Russia
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Extract of sample "Historical Context of Sustainability: Iron Ore Mining in Russia"

Download file to see previous pages Hubbard, Rice, and Calvin also said that Russia has a big potential to engage in new iron ore mines investment in central Russia, the Urals, and Siberia. However, they indicated that Russia could be a large producer in the future. Iron being the most abundant mineral resource with the property of natural mining, Russia investing and marketing it around the globe may boost its economy. In the production of steel, iron ore forms the principal raw material. An alloy of iron and carbon (steel) may contain other alloying components to improve its quality. Since steel contains a high percentage of iron, its heaviness makes it most suitable for the construction industry such as buildings, railways, and infrastructure. Other uses of steel are in automotive manufacture and making machine parts like for the rolling mills among others. The future for the third world countries rests on iron products since the construction industry requires them for housing and infrastructure pressured by the ever-growing population.
There are several dangers associated with iron processing and handling, ranging from extraction to transportation. Whenever an extractor or processor handles the metal, he must acquire a proper knowledge of the hazards and dangers involved. 
From, smelting processes and extractive metallurgical are polluting activities. Some facilities carrying out metal and smelting processes emit plenty of air pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen, hydrogen fluoride, noxious and offensive smoke, fumes, gasses and other toxins. In addition, the facilities release a variety of heavy metals into the environment. Use of excess sulphuric acid in pickling and other processes during metalwork poses a danger to the environment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Historical Context of Sustainability: Iron Ore Mining in Russia Coursework.
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