Leninism verse liberalism in an ex-colonial state - Essay Example

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This has prompted history scholars and political analysts to speculate on the best form of government that befits Iranian society. Some have rooted for a liberal Iran while others have also not ruled…
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Leninism verse liberalism in an ex-colonial state
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Lenism and liberalism prospects in Iran The system a country adopts majorly emanates from the culture of its people. Thishas prompted history scholars and political analysts to speculate on the best form of government that befits Iranian society. Some have rooted for a liberal Iran while others have also not ruled out the possibility of Lennism.Prospects leading to a Leninist Iran has elicited many debates. The political culture of Iran does not present a definitive political ways and norms. Great emphasis on the political culture of Iran should be laid on Iran’s history as a monarchial dynasty. Other important influential trends in Iran may also include its two constitutional revolutions one in 1905 and the other in 1979. It is prudent to start by looking at the Leninists prospects in Iran.
Without rushing to ridicule such an idea, we should not that a number of states in the Middle East are exhibiting left wing tendencies. A notable example is the Hashemite monarchy found in Iraq being replaced by a more Arab socialist state, which happened in1968.In 1950s, it was feared that Iran would adopt communism system that could see them ally the Soviet Union. In a more direct assertion, embracing Lenism by Iran as opposed to liberal democracy is minus not without precedent.
Exhibiting similar traits to Rusia, prior and in the post Leninist revolution, Iran just like Russia was also ruled by absolute monarchs who are said to behave like the Russian Czars. Its rulers were draconian. The emphasis witnessed in personal norms in modern theocratic Iran resembles Czarist Russia signified by strong central figures, Iran being a devoutly Islam state shares the same inclination with Russia was also a devoutly Eastern orthodox. The main contention remains how transition into a Lenin state can occur. Proponents of this argument have asserted that, just as the Russians through threw religion and moved to secularization, Iran may surprisingly throw religion and adopt secularization too.
However, some scholars have argued that adoption of liberal system could also be ideal for Iran. They have cited historical governance of Iran as their basis of assertion. That Iranian intellectual leaders as found in the 20th century had already stipulated constitutional revolution despite being a lower state than even Turkey and Egypt in the same period. They have compared this to the modern challenges facing Iran. Through citing the obstructionism that saw a revolution happen in 1979, they have suggested Iran is moving towards this direction, in this instance towards liberal values. According to them, challenges facing Iran are not insurmountable if these ideals are put into use.
In conclusion, despite sharing common ideals such as discrimination of those against their ideals as witnessed in communism where non communist are viewed to be untrustworthy and non Muslims in Iran also viewed as untrustworthy, Iran going lennist is still viewed as next to impossible. Shifting liberalism may be easier since democracy is a basic need in the world of governance.
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Chen, Cheng. The prospects for Liberal Nationalism in Post-Leninist States. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011. Print. Read More
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