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Russia - Essay Example

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Discuss the current problems facing this region including the conflict between neighbors, centripetal and centrifugal forces in the area, and their long history with each other and Russia.
While it…
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Extract of sample "Russia"

The Transcaucasian area of Russia is a “hot spot” in geopolitical terms. Discuss the current problems facing this region including the conflict between neighbors, centripetal and centrifugal forces in the area, and their long history with each other and Russia.
While it matters for Russia to focus on the lawful exercise of federal authorities in relation to the Northern Caucasus, it is rather concerned with the compliance of the Transcaucasian independent states to the policies regarding international organizations. The establishment and agreement to these policies occur to determine the regional development problems in Transcaucasia including the issue on Russia’s national security (Danilov). Based on its geopolitical dynamic setting, the Transcaucasian region which is designated to the south of the Caucasus Mountains has been confronted with disputes on intercultural interests among the states and ethnic groups as well as with armed conflicts that are a ‘hotspot’ due to the prevailing martial and political tension within its borders.
Normally, there appears instability and reverse reactions over the newly-formed independent states of the Transcaucasian area of Russia which continuously struggle as rivals upon the strategic control of resources and reallocation of the spheres of influence. Hence, analysts are inclined to bear foresight of a socio-economic and political condition in Transcaucasia that is essentially understood in the perspective of examining the affairs of its states namely – Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia with each other, with Russia, and with other powerful nations (Ivanov). On one hand, the current era of globalization may be encouraged by a centripetal force to direct interstate conflicts toward a harmonious approach of a common goal that would necessitate the spirit of mutualism or cooperation. Otherwise, distinct stubborn individual objectives may collectively function as a centrifugal force that drives the historical troubles of the region apart from peaceful settlement.
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