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Difficult and Glorious History of Boeing 747 - Research Paper Example

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This study goes into the difficult and glorious history of Boeing 747 - the world's first long-haul wide-body airliner. Its first flight happened in 1969. Thereat “Jumbo Jet “was the heaviest and capacious passenger airliner. Over 37 years, he had got competitors. But are they as good as this giant?…
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Difficult and Glorious History of Boeing 747
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Download file to see previous pages Boeing 747-100 Iran development of 747 occurred during the rapid growth of air traffic in the 60's. Boeing 707, which dominated at that time in the U.S. airline market, already struggling to cope with the increasing flow of passengers. Prior to that, the Boeing Corporation has worked to develop a large transport aircraft for the U.S. Army, but then lost the draft Corporation Lockheed - C-5 Galaxy. “Nevertheless, the most loyal Boeing customer - the airline Pan American - has developed requirements for the giant passenger plane which was supposed to be more "707" twice. In 1966, the Corporation introduced a new configuration of the aircraft, the designation "747". Initially, the project is a fully double-deck aircraft, but with this configuration, there were some difficulties, and the scheme was abandoned in favor of the "hump". From the first series of 100 aircraft, Pan Am ordered 25. Hess, R. A., and Wells, S. R.
At that time it was thought that such giants will soon be superseded by supersonic aircraft. Therefore, the "747" was originally developed as a transport aircraft. Over time, it was planned even a complete refurbishment of all aircraft into freighters. The cockpit was placed on the upper deck specifically to be able to convert the nose of the plane in the cargo ramp. It was assumed that the market does not need more than 400 aircraft of this type, however, despite the criticism and tough competition in 1993, was built thousand aircraft. Only in the first decade of XXI century sales "747" began to fall.
Construction of aircraft has been associated with some difficulties: the Boeing plant did not have capabilities to produce such huge aircraft. To do this in a small town Everett, Washington had built a new factory, which became home to a new family of aircraft.
Company Pratt & Whitney has developed a huge turbofan engine with a high pass ratio - JT9D, which was originally used exclusively for the "747". In order to improve safety and flying qualities of aircraft on the "747" were set back four hydraulic systems and slotted flaps, which are allowed to use the aircraft on the runways of standard length. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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