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Challenging Banning Boxing - Essay Example

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Centuries have passed and boxing is still considered as one of the most followed sports today. According to history, boxing originated when a person first lifted a fist against another in play" ("Boxing History"). The boxers used to play bare-fist; it was only in 1866 when the Marquess of Queensberry supported a new set of rules that includes the mandatory use of gloves ("Boxing History")…
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Challenging Banning Boxing
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Extract of sample "Challenging Banning Boxing"

Charley Mitchell 5. Glorioso 19 March 2007 Boxing: Should it be Banned or Not Centuries have passed and boxing is still considered as one of the most followed sports today. According to history, boxing originated when a person first lifted a fist against another in play" ("Boxing History"). The boxers used to play bare-fist; it was only in 1866 when the Marquess of Queensberry supported a new set of rules that includes the mandatory use of gloves ("Boxing History"). It was in the 18th century when professional boxing started booming. It even found a permanent place in the Olympics. Apart from being a sport, boxing is used as a self-defense. As in any other physical games and martial arts, boxing instills discipline and agility of mind and body. Lately, health and fitness-conscious people have included boxing in their exercise regimen since it also increases stamina and makes dieting more effective.
People's interest in boxing increases as years pass by. More kids would want to follow the footsteps of boxing icons like Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano who rose to fame and became financially able because of boxing. It can be noted that most of the boxers came from a lowly background; it could be because some view this sport as an avenue to escape from poverty.
For boxing aficionados, the level of excitement that the action-packed sport brings is incomparable to any martial arts. But the boxers' dilemma does not vary that much whether they are in the boxing ring at the rural areas or in world-class arenas. But is the few critical injuries incurred in boxing enough to make the authorities decide to ban the sport I'd say, not!
Banning boxing because of its close proximity to savage violent behavior is wrong. Prohibiting this sport will defeat its purpose of instilling a sense of disciple particularly in young individuals who are working hard to reach their dream of becoming a world boxing champion. Discipline in a sense that boxing keeps the youth away from engaging in prohibited drugs and other vices.
Many of life's lessons are actually taught in boxing. A boxing ring is comparable to life. A boxer can have a good two rounds only to realize how an opponent can easily knock him down with one big blow. Similarly, in life one can have a couple of good days and on the next day get hit with a traffic ticket that sets a person back a couple hundred dollars. In a boxing arena, the fighter needs to gather himself and remain focused to be able to get up before the count of ten or loose the match. In life, a person has twelve business days to pay a ticket or suffer from the consequences.
Boxing encourages a certain code of "ethics" like courage, respect, and most importantly ability to set limitations on one's life (Source D). Former heavyweights champ George Foremen responds to a question on how being a preacher conflicts with teaching young kids to throw punches by replying that "To be successful in the ring you have to get control of your emotions - that includes anger" (Source D). By controlling ones anger in the environment as hostile as a boxing ring, a person is showing a greater sense of control over all emotions, and is less likely to react uncontrollably in a semi-hostile situation. Although, by putting one's self in a situation similar to a boxing ring you put yourself in an unpleasant condition. People often disagree whether the "occasional tragedies where someone is killed or critically injured" is because of the constant pounding on the head, or if it's destined in their genes to happen to them (Source G). The call to ban boxing started in 1982 when South Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim died. His death "prompted two editorials in the Journal of the American Medical Association calling for a ban on all boxing" ("Boxing History").
If boxing will be banned simply because of its brutality, the authorities should also prepare for the repercussions of their stance by looking into the future when boxing gets "pushed underground [and it gets] incredibly difficult to administer" rules to these hardcore fight clubs brought to life by Brad Pitt's movie "Fight Club" (Source G). Another thing, if boxing is labeled as overly brutal, why not also ban football or rugby where players viciously hit and engage each other Or why not prohibit soccer - the most dangerous sport where people obtain more injuries than football, baseball, and basketball combined (Source B).
By allowing boxing to flourish as the sport that it is, we allow people to compete at their top physical and mental levels by allowing such a beautiful art of "unique and highly condescended drama" transcend beyond the limits of brutality (Source C). Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao even unites the people in his country, the Philippines, whenever he is fighting. Almost every news organizations in the world reported that in his bout against Mexican Erik Morales, opposing leaders in the Philippines unite during that day. See, there is more to boxing than violence.
If the critics are really concerned with the fighters' welfare, more strict safety standards can be legislated. Totally banning the sport is definitely not the solution to stop death and critical injuries in the boxing ring It will simply aggravate the situation as in any underground sports.
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"Boxing History." White Collar Boxing. 20 March 2007 Read More
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Challenging Banning Boxing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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