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Project Managment for Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Essay Example

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It has over the years produced a series of planes among them the latest project; the Boeing 787. This project was referred to as the…
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Project Managment for Boeing 787 Dreamliner
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Extract of sample "Project Managment for Boeing 787 Dreamliner"

Download file to see previous pages The project has however faced several challenges. It all started with weight issues with the plane said to have been overweight to the tune of 2,300kgs over and above the specified weight. This was however not all; there were 7 delays in the project process among them being an in flight fire on the Rolls Royce engine during testing. That not enough, just in the month of January 2012, Boeing reported shimming problems on some 787 fuselages.2 The poor performance towards the achievement of this projects’ objectives brought with it additional costs running in billions of dollars with penalty fees to the airlines forming a major part of these extra costs.
A project is considered successful when it meets and exceeds customer expectations with regards to cost, time and performance.3 For ultimate project success, there is always need for trade-offs between the constraints of time, cost and scope/ performance. This may sometimes necessitate compromise of scope to achieve the constraints of time and cost. There are cases when it is of significance to expedite particular project activities which will require additional labor, leading to extra project costs. A priority matrix is therefore a tool that helps in the identification of which criterion to be constrained, those to be enhanced and which to be accepted.4 We will seek to analyze this matrix in the 787 project and find its justification.
The above table shows the appropriate matrix for the three decisive factors in the 787 project. Time must be restricted because any additional delays in the production of this plane for whatever reasons come with huge penalties. All component activities must therefore be expedited to ensure the project is delivered within the set time frame. Given the nature of this project, performance can only be enhanced and no compromise can be made whatsoever on the scope of each component activity. The first delivery ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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