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Rationale of Pursuing Communication Engineering - Personal Statement Example

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The writer of this paper will reveal personal education background along with reasons for choosing a field of communication engineering for further professional development. Thus, the paper provides a personal SWOT analysis and description of individual characteristics…
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Rationale of Pursuing Communication Engineering
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Extract of sample "Rationale of Pursuing Communication Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages The progress that man has made up till now is in some way or the other connected with the improving means of communication. The advent of mobile phones has revolutionized the modern world and now they have become a part and parcel of our day to day life.
The reason I choose communication engineering as my career is that of its International demand. I have been found of new gadgets and new equipment from the beginning. My interest in this field grew with my age. Ever since passing from school I had the aspiration of being an engineer and that too in the field of communications. My education till now has been planned in a way that I am able to pursue a successful career in the field of my choice. Personal interest is only one of the reasons that motivated me to take admission in this course. The market demand for engineers is on a high and the top companies are hiring engineers that have the expertise and will to discover new things. I consider myself at the point in my professional career from where I need to begin gaining experience about the modern aspects of the communication industry. I am optimistic that this course will enhance my knowledge about the field and will help me in excelling in my career. At present, I am quite aware of the basics of communication techniques but only theoretical knowledge is my strong point. I am hopeful that with the passage of time I will gain the knowledge about the practical aspects of the communication industry and would be able to handle the demands of the market easily.
The companies that are associated with the communication field have over the years shown a great liking for educated people to become members of their workforce. Thus, the education requirement that was needed by me to be part of the setup in one of the big companies in the market was a graduate degree in the concerned field.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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