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Job Search Assignment - Essay Example

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Assignment: Job Search 18/241, Mohand das Park Road, Gurgaon, New Delhi, India-110010 The Personnel Manager Software Development Division Infosys Software Solutions Electronic Estates Bangalore - India Sir, I would like to present this letter in attachment with the submission file of my job application for the position where my academic records and personal enthusiasm match your desired interest…
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Job Search Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages I am a post graduate in computer applications (MCA) from (……………………University of ………….) of the 2010’S batch with hands-on training in three applications and three languages. I also had my diploma in Computer Aided Designing (CAD) and have a work experience with a construction company as a junior designer. Along with my course, I completed applications like C, C++, CORE Java, VB, UNIX shell scripts and html. I have done a project based on .net. My track academic record is considerably good as I have scored 82% marks in aggregate. I am glad to assume that obtaining an opportunity to work for this organisation will be a fantastic opening. Also, this job is a lucrative one and hence I can fulfill the requirements of my family and earn higher levels of reputation among my people. I am confident that my communicative skills will help me withstand the possible constraints of my career. Finally, on my selection, I promise to abide by the commands and help others maintain the decorum of the unit. Thank you Yours faithfully, (Name) Research Portfolio of Infosys Limited My readings on various sites and news letters have given me a clear outline of the prestigious organisation, Infosys Limited. As I know, it was established with seven people as members and with a capital of US$250 headed by N.R.Narayan Murthy, a great visionary and six of his fellow engineers in the Indian city of Pune in 1981. It signed up the first client, Data Basics Corporation in New York and continued operations there till 1983 when it relocated the corporate headquarters to Bangalore in India. After four years of local business settlements, the business associate opens its first international office in Boston, US in 1987. During the international exposure and business acceleration period the firm innovatively developed Employee Stock Options Program (ESOP) and acquired ISO 9001/TickIT Certification and then, the organisation was promoted to a public limited company with larger segments of market capital. In 1994 the company opened a development center at Fremont and moved it corporate headquarters to Electronic city in Bangalore (Infosys, Official website). The company was focusing on foreign market segment stimulation with a view to set up e-Business ventures and opened global development centers in Toronto and Mangalore in 1995. the desired growth rate of company’s profit inspired the promoters to turn their attention toward public welfare by introducing charitable and youth empowerment programs; with this in mind, they established the Infosys Foundation in 1996. Henceforth, the subsequent years were meant for the skyscraping growth of the company in every field. Following the opening of an office in Toronto in Canada it was assessed CMM Level 4 in 1997. After this accreditation, the company never had a time turning back; each year was a power switch to accelerated growth of its business outlet. In 2001 it touched US$ 400million and the CEO was rated among Time Magazine’s 25 most influential businessmen in the world and the company was rated as the Best Employer by the Business World. In 2004, the revenues reach US$ 1 Billion and Infosys Consultancy was launched (Infosys, Official website). The silver jubilee year of the company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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