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Masters in Business Administration, Executive Program at Loyola University - Essay Example

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This paper "Masters in Business Administration, Executive Program at Loyola University" focuses on the author who is interested in pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Executive Program, at Loyola University, because throughout history businesses have always existed. …
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Masters in Business Administration, Executive Program at Loyola University
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Extract of sample "Masters in Business Administration, Executive Program at Loyola University"

Download file to see previous pages I have had close to a decade of experiences in this area using my talents as an engineer and administrator and I have had to make decisions that have been crucial to realizing successful business transactions.
By obtaining an MBA at Loyola University, will give me ample information gathered by national and international experts and it will give me the opportunity to make decisions based on others´ experiences that have lead to positive and negative results. In doing so, I will be in a position to apply strategies and methodologies learnt from academia to make successful business transactions.
I see myself collaborating with others to make these business transactions a fruitful benefit for all of those involved in the business transactions. I want to be part of the MBA program at Loyola University and become actively involved in working independently and working as part of a team to research cases and brainstorm ideas of why some businesses failed while others succeeded. Having this opportunity will give me a chance to work positively on projects, continue the networking processes with classmates, professors, and future corporations and make contributions that will help them acquire successful business results.
At this point in my life, I am interested in advancing to the next level of my career. At the moment I am a Project Engineer. I want to continue managing projects that are related to engineering and administration on a national and international basis.
I have strategically planned my life’s goals and objectives and this is one more I wish to accomplish. I plan to pursue projects that are demanding in essence and will make changes in the way they have been operating in the present, using my experiences and the knowledge that I will obtain from the Executive Program.
I realize that an MBA from Loyola University will give me the skills I will need to become a successful engineer as an executive. It will give me the necessary tools for communication and the necessary leadership skills to succeed in my life endeavours.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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