The Demand for Mechanical Engineers: Knowledge of Structures - Essay Example

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The paper describes a Mechanical Engineer has a working knowledge of structures, electricity, computer applications, drafting, and planning. Being equipped with these skills creates a large job market for an individual. Mechanical Engineering is a field with great scope for innovation and creativity…
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The Demand for Mechanical Engineers: Knowledge of Structures
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Extract of sample "The Demand for Mechanical Engineers: Knowledge of Structures"

I want to become a Mechanical Engineer because this is something I have been looking forward to since childhood. My uncle is a Mechanical Engineer. I often visited site with him, and everything about Mechanical Engineering inspired me, to say the least. Dealing with intricate challenges successfully lends a sense of satisfaction and achievement which is fundamental to growing in one’s profession. While I have often observed a scarcity of jobs for different trades and professions, this has not been the case with engineering professions.
I particularly like Mechanical Engineering because a Mechanical Engineer is connected, at least to some extent, to almost all trades. A Mechanical Engineer has a working knowledge of structures, electricity, computer applications, drafting, and planning. Being equipped with these skills creates a large job market for an individual. Mechanical Engineering is a field with great scope for innovation and creativity. Every single innovation in technology has a remarkable effect on lifestyle. Mechanical Engineers play a central role in introducing innovative concepts whether it is construction of a revolving structure, a robot, or a hydroelectric car.
In order to be successful as a Mechanical Engineer, it is imperative that I study Mechanical Engineering from a highly ranked university in the world. The UK has some of the highest ranked engineering universities in the world. Having studied from an engineering university based in the UK would equip me with the skills and capabilities needed to make innovative products and services for the benefit of mankind. Studying at one of the top universities is always a safe choice for a prospective student because a university achieves high rank after a thorough evaluation of its resources and capabilities and comparison with other top universities in the world.
I like to experiment new things in life. Being radically different to Qatar in terms of culture, weather, and environment, studying in the UK would offer me a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand new things, and see the world from a different angle. Studying from the UK is also very important for me because it would expose me to other cultures, and would equip me with the skills of working in a diverse environment. I also want to study Mechanical Engineering from the UK because I have many friends and relatives settled in the UK. Being around them would deter the feeling of homesickness and provide me with a family to be with whenever I am free. I believe that psychological satisfaction, love and belongingness play a very important role in helping one achieve one’s academic and professional goals.
I want to go back to my homeland and work there after the completion of my studies. Since I belong to Qatar, I see very bright future for a highly educated qualified Mechanical Engineer in Qatar. Qatar is presently working on some megaprojects including the construction of a grand stadium to host the sports. Owing to the fact that the demand of Mechanical Engineers is more than supply, Qatar invites Mechanical Engineers from all over the world. Read More
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The Demand for Mechanical Engineers: Knowledge of Structures Essay - 1.
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