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I would then attach a towing string to the toys. As time went by, I started making cars using thin copper wires with steer wheels projecting…
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Admission Application to UK universities for Engineering
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Admission Application to UK universities for Engineering When I was a child, I used to make toy cars of different models using carton boxes as the main raw material and fix bottle tops as wheels. I would then attach a towing string to the toys. As time went by, I started making cars using thin copper wires with steer wheels projecting above the cars. Unlike the carton toys, the wire toys were pushed and controlled by the steer wheel rather than towing string. Despite the fact that the toys were never as sophisticated and good-looking as manufactured plastic toys that were common with children from well-off families, they gave me satisfaction because even the children who owned such beautiful plastic toys would abandon their toys and request me to make them wire-toys. Most interestingly, under my leadership, we would draw paths for the toys with various road signs like it was real and each driver was expected to abide by “traffic regulations” or be punished for missing up to ten laps as the others enjoyed driving their toys. The fact that my peers referred to me as an engineer and would come to me to satisfy their needs made me obsessed with cars, which left me with unending crave to become an engineer in the future. All my life, I have always dreamt to be a civil or industrial engineer. The poor state of roads in my country has given me a strong reason to pursue civil engineering.
My intention to pursue undergraduate degree in engineering is to gain adequate knowledge that would make be one of the most effective and influential engineer, not only in my home country, Kuwait, but also in the entire world. After graduating from the university, I intend to work with major road construction companies or manufacturing firms after which I will set up my own start-up company in my home country. This way, I will help create jobs for jobless youths in my community at a time when joblessness is an appalling issue in Kuwait. Moreover, I would love to see excellent transport network in my country as well as high quality products that satisfy people’s needs. In order to achieve this, I have to pursue civil or industrial engineering degree.
Being a resident of Kuwait, I have pursued and graduated with English Language at Arizona State University, which offers American English & Cultural Programme. I was also a student at MESA Community College in Arizona where I studied basic Engineering subject. I believe that my enhanced knowledge about English language and basic engineering skills coupled with my unending passion for engineering makes me a suitable candidate for the course. It has ever been my dream to pursue my engineering course in the universities in the United Kingdom because of the high quality of education and superb learning environment.
During my free times, I often engage in environmental conservation activities such as tree planting and encouraging families to use clean energy sources such as solar and wind energy. Moreover, I still make car toys for children, which I sell for $5 each. Pursuing mechanical engineering at undergraduate level would equip me with more skills, which would help me become an indispensible part of the automobile industry. This course would enable me to contribute positively to the car industry achieve my childhood dreams. I cannot figure out any better way of conserving the environment while ensuring high quality cars that meet customer expectations. However, all these would be futile dream without pursuing engineering at higher level of education, which makes this undergraduate course very essential for me. Read More
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