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Eco friendly universities - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Universities should have a clearly laid out commitment and vision to promote and manage environmental sustainability. The rise of sustainability is considered to be a mixed blessing for…
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Eco friendly universities
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Download file to see previous pages The strategies have initiatives that could result to achieving eco-friendly policies. This article outlines how these initiatives can be implemented in universities and the benefits of environmental sustainability in the higher institutions of learning.
The first strategy is through EMS implementation. An EMS is made up of a set of procedures and practices that are followed in implementing and establishing a sustainable environment within a university setting. It is a strategy that aimed at dealing with environmental issues that give universities the responsibility to put into practice regulations that ensure environmental problems are managed consistently throughout the university (Alshuwaikhat and Abubakar 1780). Adoption of an EMS that incorporates university environmental protection initiatives improves environmental sustainability. Additionally, it can be a successful instrument for universities to improve sustainability and manage different environmental issues.
One of the most important merits lies in improving environmental awareness among workers and the management and in outlining the role that each individual plays towards environmental sustainability. This program is implemented through a continuous process whereby improvements in eco-friendly practices are carried out. The EMS can also bring about change in universities in various ways (Alshuwaikhat and Abubakar 1780). This is by promoting a healthy university economy through the use of renewable sources of energy, efficient procedures and through resource and energy conservation. Secondly, it promotes a healthy university environment and reduces the negative impacts in activities within the university. Finally, the EMS promotes an appropriate learning environment that promotes the well-being the current and future generations and gives opportunities for university development.
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