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BREEAM scoring - Essay Example

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The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is an environmental assessment method for the non-domestic buildings in the United Kingdom. It is a voluntary rating of the UK building established by the BRE. “The BRE Environmental Assessment Method…
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BREEAM scoring
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Extract of sample "BREEAM scoring"

Environmental Assessment of the of Glamorgan The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is an environmental assessment method for the non-domestic buildings in the United Kingdom. It is a voluntary rating of the UK building established by the BRE. “The BRE Environmental Assessment Method BREEAM is an assessment tool that provides a credible, transparent environmental label for buildings based on encouraging best practice.” (Anderson, J. et al, 2009) The BREEAM scoring is based on a set of categories and ranks are generated after the assessment of each category. “It includes assessment in nine different categories: Management, Health and Well-being, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials and Waste, Land use and Ecology, Pollution, Innovation.” (Stubbins 2010) This rating system emphasizes on the use of environmental friendly building material and focuses on the material and procedure used and adapted that cause the least harm to the environment. “BREEAM made major changes to the system, including introducing new environmental weightings, mandatory credits and the two stage certification process, design stage and post-construction.” (Yudelson 2009)
The University of Glamorgan holds a prestigious place in the field of education. Located in the South Wales it has three campuses catering to the local and international students with fields from all over the world. Its accommodation is rated as one of the best in terms of residency and facilities. The BREEAM rating for the University’s halls have always been over and above the pass rating. The old Glamorgan halls have always scored in terms of the management, health services, energy conservation and minimum pollution. However the newer halls of the university are more technological oriented and have a better rating in terms of their BREEAM score. The University is currently introducing its carbon reduction at its residential projects which will help reduce pollution. The accommodation planning at Glamorgan use ideas of energy conservation and material usage in order to implement and adhere to the environmental friendly regulations issued by the BRE. The accommodation uses automatic power shutdown in order to avoid unnecessary usage of electricity.
However, apart from the University’s eagerness to adhere to the BREEAM scoring and have sound BREEAM rating there are still some issues that need to be addressed. In terms of its environmental policy, there is a lacking of the community involvement resulting in the inefficient management of water and waste. The University also needs to work on biodiversity and come up with newer and more innovative ideas. It needs to have a sound ethical investment policy in order to function closer to BREEAM requirements. The University actively supports the Go Green Week but it has never received an award for which it needs to improve its student and staff involvement in the eco-friendly activities.
Therefore, the University of Glamorgan has an impressive rating of BREEAM but a few more steps and actions are required in order to further improve its accommodation rating.
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Yudelson, J. (2009) Sustainable Retail Development: New Success Strategies. London: Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg, p.60. Read More
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BREEAM Scoring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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