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The Rise of Eco-Art and Its Effects on Political and Social Issues - Essay Example

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The paper aims to evaluate the trend of environment art and the way in which it has impacted political and social spheres of international society. Also, the pros and cons of eco-art on the future of mankind would also be discussed within the context of this paper…
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The Rise of Eco-Art and Its Effects on Political and Social Issues
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Extract of sample "The Rise of Eco-Art and Its Effects on Political and Social Issues"

Download file to see previous pages It will not be incorrect to mention that environment art has allowed people of contemporary societies to go back in time and understand the ways in which civilizations have been able to make use of the ecosystem. The trend of environment art has evolved during the late 1960s. This was the era when ecosystem and the consequences of pollution were being noted by people at best (Kastner, 2010). People were more concerned about their environment which they were contributing to ever since. Better and newer understanding was being undertaken by different institutions of the societies allowing the ecological theory to evolve by large. Since the theoretical grounds of the environmental study were being made vast, it included field work as well challenging spaces. It was this era that created environment studies as a very vibrant set of theories. As a result, a movement also evolved which took every aspect of society in its fold. Understanding the role of environment art on the social and political world is a two-way process. Let alone environment art has evolved through the transitions noted in political and social ways of people. The environment has been greatly incorporated by the discipline of art allowing people to understand the ways in which man has been contributing to the environment. In particular, the different forms of eco-art include land art, art in nature etc. With the transition in the field of eco-art, it has been noted that acoustics, ecology, and bio-art has taken a greater stance in developing the theoretical implication of environment (Eco, 2012). The trend of eco-art has evolved to the extent where different universities have been involved in giving out finding for undertaking environment related projects. Students enrolled in this discipline have turned out to be effective artists and theorists. Great artists have come up with eco-art which has not just affected the lifestyle of people by the ways in which different natural objects have been consumed over the years. To count some, artists from southwest America has shown great potential over the years (Kastner, 2010). Desert landscapes have been used as one of the mediums by eco-art artists to understand sun and astronomical as tools of disseminating nature. Nancy Holt has been the vibrant among many American eco-art designers of all time (Carson, 2002). The trend of eco-art has not just included a newer section in the library with provocative theories but allowed civic forums where different people have come up with different concerns shown or expressed through modern way of eco-art. The artists involved in eco-art have enabled internet platform to diverge greater sense of awareness regarding eco-art among common people. This has made people to follow the movement of environment which was enhanced by the consumption and contribution made by eco-art (Barlow, et al., 1983). Impact on Social and Political World: It is of great significance to note that eco-art has enabled change in lifestyle for everyone. At one point where eco-art has contributed in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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