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Authetic assessment performance task: Political media - Research Paper Example

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Authentic assessment performance task-Political media Instructor Institution Date Authentic assessment performance task-Political media Information gotten from the media impact many people’s thoughts and opinion. This is because media is one of the main ways through which people are able to access information…
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Authetic assessment performance task: Political media
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Download file to see previous pages We shall discuss on a recent topic which is drawing remarkable attention in political media. We are then going to relate it to the norms of objectivity in media reporting as well as intersubjectivity. Herman Cain is one of the prominent business men, venturing into the political arena. He is running for presidency of his country. He has been hitting the headlines over the last few weeks. His political career is at risk owing to some information about his past life; when he was the CEO of an association heading the restaurants in his country. He is charged with harassing women sexually during his former carrier. He will soon suffer a sheer splurge in the opinion polls as a result of sexually harassing several evident women. The women have reported to New Times and other media houses of the alleged claims. During Herman’s term as the leader of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, female employees complained to coworkers and senior officials about inappropriate conduct by Cain. This led to the two employees quitting the job. The women complained of the inappropriate sexual behavior directed to them by Cain. The two ladies got angry and uncomfortable, eventually decided to leave the association. Before leaving the association, they signed an agreement with the restaurant group which had given them financial payment and barred them from talking about the reasons for their departure ( Drash & Wayne, 2001). In a report, issued to the associated press, Cain’s campaign characterized the politico allegation as ’dredging up thinly obtained allegations’ from his term at the trade group. J.D. Gordon who is Cain’s spokesman dismissed the claim and termed it as a personal attack. He pointed out that the press was molding accusations on his character and spreading gossips that lacked facts. During an interview with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, Gordon asserted that the accusations were purely rumors and had no basis. He further emphasized that the allegations were politically stirred and were only meant to destroy Cain’s political career (Drash &Wayne, 2001). This information can be considered objective since the politician’s spokesman is well quoted. However, it can also be considered non-objective, as the speaker does not have any tangible evidence, that what he is saying is the truth on the ground. According to the norms of objectivity, the information should be quoted. Some of the presses have struggled to observe this, to make this information valid. Some of the women have come out, to give firsthand information to the media, on how they were harassed sexually, by the man. Intersubjectivity of the information given by the sources can help in identifying whether the press is bias, or whether the subject is just another political weapon against the politician (Hallowell, 2011) Intersubjectivity is shared understanding amongst more than one person. Intersubjectivity comes up when the subjects have common experience, shared knowledge or social interaction. Intersubjectivity varies by degrees. Intersubjectivity can be attained to a point that the subjects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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