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The author states that the environment at Boston University includes student residency provides for him/her another attraction. The four-year availability of hostels and variety of choice presents with an enabling environment in which the author can settle down to study without residency concerns.  …
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Why I Want to Study at Boston University
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23 October Boston Admission paper Technology is as fascinating as it is a necessity in the rapidly evolving world. Positioning studies in tandem with career goals and future technological advancements have become more important to me than ever. For these and more reasons, Boston University ranks as my first choice institution of learning that adequately caters for my academic, personal development and career goals. I have nursed a keen interest in computer engineering, as evidenced by my playing of online games at a professional level. It has made me grow the passion towards computers. Hence, I am particularly keen on pursuing a major in Computer Engineering in your institution. A discipline that forms part of the broader modern technology studies for which Boston University is renowned. However, it is important to point out that I currently study at a university which though good, does not adequately offer me the opportunities Boston University offers (Boston University).
My interest in developing a career as a computer engineer accords me the ability to gauge which environment best nurtures my career development. I firmly believe that Boston University avails that environment. The presence of competent staff and an enabling environment for me comes first. I am well informed of the sufficient student to faculty ratio of 13:1 which translates to 27 students per class. This ratio provides a closer staff to student contact that I look forward to in my studies. It acts as an incentive for interaction and dynamism. I also believe that the environment at Boston University will provide a platform for easier access to amenities, research, and practical material. These facilities are essential to academic excellence especially in the engineering and technological disciplines (Boston University).
I am keen on research, which I’m aware Boston University already has an established research tradition. BU has produced globally acclaimed researchers and scholars upon whom I look up to such as Guggenheim Scholars, and fellows of the National Academy of Inventors. It is upon this rich heritage that I would like to benchmark my career development. I am also aware of Boston University’s quest for fostering academic excellence that includes an addition of distinguished professors and would like to be part of the resultant success in research and valued education (Boston University).
As one of the distinguished institutions and member to the Association of American Universities, education at Boston University goes beyond being prestigious. I believe studying at Boston University guarantees quality, depth, innovation, and increased career success prospects. Boston University is also among the best-ranked research institutions in North America, Canada, and in Computer Engineering. Being research-intensive, makes it an appropriate choice for my studies (Boston University).
I am keen on exploring the endless study possibilities offered at Boston University particularly the Dual Degree programs. Though I have not yet settled on the second choice besides computer engineering, this would be a good avenue to explore that is unique to the institution. Moreover, the overseas internship program offered by Boston University presents a unique global training experience essential to the modern globalized economies and working environments that I would like to be part of (Boston University).
The environment at Boston University that includes student residency provides for me another attraction. The four-year availability of hostels and variety of choice presents me with an enabling environment in which I can settle down to study without residency concerns. As a young person, an online voting poll by that rated Boston University as the third Happiest Students in the United States implies I a more likely to appreciate my stay at the University (Boston University).
Finally, I am a strong believer in developing strong career advisory, mentorship, and alumni networks that Boston University provides. Boston University’s over 300,000 alumni networks will ultimately form an important link between me and other students in setting foot in the complex working environment. I appreciate the diversity among the student and staff as it gives me an edge in developing tolerance and diversity that plays a key role in today’s globalized research and working landscape (Boston University).
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Boston University. BU Electrical and Computer Engineering. 2014. Web. 23 October 2014. . Read More
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