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Sash Sliding windows - Essay Example

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The panels form a frame that holds panes of glasses often separated by other panes by muntins. Instead of cords and counterweight, modern sash windows are made of…
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Sash Sliding windows
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Download file to see previous pages The complete unit is housed in a jamb groove (Jackson & Day 2009, p.183).
The spiral balances can be used to replace window weights in old sash windows. First, the sashes are removed and weighed on the bathroom scale. Secondly, determine the weight of each sash, height, width and overall inside height of the window frame to ensure that the right sashes are ordered for and delivered. The sashes are then reinstalled until the balances are delivered. The sashes are then removed as well as the pulleys. Wood filler is used to plug the holes, as grooves are cut according to the specifications of the manufacturer to fit the stales of each sash to accommodate the balances. A mortise is cut at each end of the bottom edges to receive the spiral rod mounting plates. The plates are then installed with screws.
The top sash is pushed in place as the top pair of balances that are shorter than the bottom sash then each is installed in its groove (Chudley & Greeno 2013, p.24). The top ends of the balance are attached to the top ends of the balance tubes to the frame jambs pushing the ends tight to the top jambs.
The sash is lifted and propped with a scrap of wood. The key is hooked with balances into the end of each spiral rod and the tension adjusted according to manufacturer’s instructions. The end of each rod is attached to be mounting plate and the test balance of the sash. If it drops, ensure that another turn is added until it is held in the right position. Care should be taken so that the balances are not overwound. The bottom sash and balances are installed in the same way. Stops that limit full crewel of the sashes in respective tracks are placed.
Sash windows are recognised for their aesthetic and conservative value to the homes and commercial buildings. The windows are simple to scrub and keep, are sustainable to the environment since they have excess energy ratings, are air ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sash Sliding Windows Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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