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Construction Site Report The construction site that we visited was a Chinese Restaurant called Chilli Secret located on 9021 Leslie Street, unit 9, Richmondhill. The restaurant was undergoing renovation and revamping. Part of the work that was to be done within the restaurant was installing new fixtures and replacing the old furniture with a new set…
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Site study report
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Download file to see previous pages The company subcontracted to supply furniture was a Chinese firm called xxxx. We got to learn that the main reason the owner of the restaurant wanted it renovated and refurbished was so that it would look more attractive to customers. According to the owner of the restaurant, the restaurant looked dull, the floor looked old, the furniture were outdated and did not afford customers the kind of comfort that they deserved. By changing the outlook of the restaurant, it would look like it has been rebranded without having to change its name. The plan that had been developed by the construction company for the renovation of the site was a 2-D drawing made to scale. The floor plan outlined the arrangement of the restaurant in terms of furniture, and fixtures. It was quite evident that the new arrangement of the restaurant would be significantly different from the old one. Apart from the floor plan, the company had a 3-D model of what the restaurant would look like once it was completed and fully furnished. Instead of the old blue color, the restaurant would have a bright pinkish color. The floor would be finished using floor differently colored tiles in replacement of the concrete floor. According to the 3-D plan, the restaurant would have a reflected ceiling and that would host several colored lights. In the old plan, the ceiling was plain and only had one or two lights centrally located in every room of the restaurant. In place of the high energy white bulbs, the restaurant would be fitted with energy saving bulbs of different colors. The old partition that divided one of the sitting areas into two was demolished in line with the new plan. It was evident that the contractor made the final product look like it appeared on the space plan and 3d computer model. We learnt that the restaurant was to have a lively, almost natural theme and so many of the furniture would be made of natural materials such as bamboo and wood. The restaurant’s furniture were mainly of Chinese style to match the culture of the target customers. One of the things I got to ask related to the production of the plan and 3D- model. The plan had been developed by the contractor in consultation with the owner of the restaurant. While the space plan had been drawn using AutoCAD software before being printed, the 3D-model had been done using Autodesk Homestyler. It is worth noting that the use of software in modern design has many advantages as it saves the designers a lot of time and energy, allows for greater accuracy, and makes it easy to make changes to plans in case of need. I asked the supervisor to outline the process involved in satisfying a customer’s need with respect to construction and interior design. He stated that the process involved several stages that began with the customer providing a brief of his/her requirements or specifying their needs. Based on the specifications, a designer will ask the customer questions regarding how the facility will be used, how many people it should accommodate, and what the customer hopes to achieve from the work among other questions. Based on this information, a team of designers will engage in research before coming up with a creative design and technical drawings, with the customer’s budget in mind. It is at this point that different software are used to come up with the plans, models and renderings. The customer is then shown the design for approval. If the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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