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Emergent Technologies in Commercial Construction - Essay Example

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This article will explore the subject of emergent technologies in commercial construction under the following divisions: energy conservation and the benefits of biomimicry; future energy delivery models; smart technologies; future construction techniques and innovative material usage…
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Emergent Technologies in Commercial Construction
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the need has arisen for solving urgent environmental problems that have been caused partially by an anthropogenic factor. The consequences of the greenhouse effects (such as gas emissions), the forthcoming and unavoidable insufficient fuel supply, and other related topics are causing intensifying energy concerns among the global community. The increasing use of renewable fuels has become an inevitable practice when facing the global energy crisis. Oil depletion makes oil extraction more difficult and expensive, which has forced many countries to search for alternative fuel sources and energy conservation strategies. Due to these threats, sustainability planning has become the primary agenda for the states who are facing an energy crisis and environmental problems caused by destructive human activity. Since sustainability increases the chances to survive in the context of a complex and changing environment, timely planning of activities to enhance alternative energy usage seems the most reasonable. This paper will present a framework to help organizations design sustainability plans, aided by discussion and analysis of innovative technologies and construction in real-life settings. The revelation of commercial construction and building technology innovations of the near future will also be discussed. There is a pronounced need to expand knowledge on commercial construction and energy, and on their influences on sourcing, building material use, construction processes, and interior/exterior design. In addition, the positive changes in the global construction patterns that can create a reliable and sustainable living environment will be predicted. The need for energy conservation and analysis of biomimicry advantages will be considered herein. The discussion of future energy delivery models will provide a solid basis for the analysis of innovative construction technologies. The essence of smart interface technologies will be revealed as this phenomenon promises future benefits for the sustainable construction and engineering fields. Information about future construction techniques and material implications will also be covered. Energy Conservation and the Benefits of Biomimicry Throughout the centuries, people have been producing energy from natural resources like fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, and oil, which are nonrenewable. Unfortunately, these natural resources take millions of years to form and humanity has not yet discovered any methods to accelerate this process. Moreover, energy production is a costly process that causes enormous time and financial losses for individuals and organizations (Ollhoff, 2010). In this context, the necessity for energy conservation is growing at an alarming rate. The current energy crisis is accompanied by increasing prices for energy supplies, shortages of fossil fuels and other natural resources, and a reduction of the number of power stations in some countries. It is obvious that in facing the current energy crisis, people are searching for effective sustainable practices to solve these new problems; however, finding them implies initial clarity about the intricacies of the energy crisis, its causes, manifestations, and possible consequences. To respond to the energy crisis, research and development programs, along with the corresponding agencies, are focusing on biomimicry as the method to solve specific problems by following the examples of certain processes in nature. Biomimicry is welcomed in numerous energy conservation programs (Brebbia & Carpi, 2010). However, one needs to deepen into the essence of all essential aspects of energy conservation in order to understand why biomimicry occupies a significant place in contemporary innovative construction technologies. Ollhoff (2010) noted that the problem of energy conserv ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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