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Analysis of Graduation - Essay Example

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This is the "Analysis of Graduation" essay. Although people take it for granted today, graduating from grade school for black people was never easy through the mid-nineteenth century. …
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Graduation"

Download file to see previous pages Maria Angelou describes some incidences during graduation from eighth grade when racism was the order of the day. Angelou points out in her essay how people take it for granted today that the ceremony is free for all. During the time of Angelou, it was more like a privilege than an event enjoyed by all. The essay presents the “analysis of graduation essay “by Angelou. Notably, she structures her essay to arouse her readers’ moods and express her viewpoints. The heading of the essay itself it a literary style intended to relay the general essay theme. By referencing “Graduation,” Angelou prepares readers in anticipation of some special ceremony. However, the essay depicts a somber mood, unlike the usual excitement associated with celebrations. Typically, the writer shows the mistreatments they experienced during the nineteen forties to conceptualize her feeling among the readers. Throughout the essay, the audience can empathize with Angelou and appreciate her situation.  You also realize how the structure of the essay and her experiences, good or bad, made the writer recognize herself. The essay by Angelou sounds more vivid from the way she uses tone to express her feelings. Notably, the essay portrays two primary shifts in the experiences of the writer. The tone at the beginning depicts a cheerful environment with enthusiastic school kids. For instance, when Angelou says, “The kids in stamps shuddered clearly with expectations,” she means graduating was an exciting event. She points out that even grownups were thrilled because the coronation ceremony meant a lot for the children. Individually, the writer thinks graduating will open up her world to countless opportunities and what life offers. Nevertheless, the tone in the essay shifts to a somber mood shortly after two white politicians steps on the stage. The white politicians arouse lousy feeling among the crowd when they start to spew out words full of hatred and racism. For example, Angelou claims the man’s “dead words fell like brinks around the auditorium.” It depicts the magnitude of speakers’ sentiments and shifts in Angelou’s mood. His discriminatory comments did not make sense to him despite openly promoting racism. Unfortunately, those utterances made Angelou look insignificant and little. The author’s expression about the two speakers confirms how much pain she felt and the way an individual could ruin the ceremony for all that attended—nevertheless, the tone shifts to a happy ending. Somewhat, the attendants feel so glad, delighted, and motivated. At least, they feel rejuvenated with a sense of community when Reed leads them in signing the Negro’s National Anthem. Eventually, the lyrics hit hard on Angelou because she realizes she has become optimistic again. The writer employs not only literary components but also incorporates a vital reference to a distinct period. The central theme presented in the education essay is ethnic discrimination. Angelou highlights the differences between whites and blacks schools when she introduces readers to her essay. Notably, the writer says black schools lack several amenities like climbing ivy, lawns, tennis courts, and so on. It indicates the preferential treatment of the white race because they had all the amenities schools for the black natives lacked. Besides, it defines the main societal concerns during the mid-eighteenth century. Notably, even the name of the schools for black citizens signified that black societies were insignificant. Angelou gives Leyfette County Training School as an example of a learning institution for the blacks. According to the writer, the reference to these schools as “training colleges” implies real education wasn’t a basic necessity for the black race. Therefore, Negros never concentrated on higher education since equal opportunities didn’t exist. According to Donleavy, the graduates are nothing more than future athletes implies school would never take the blacks anywhere. It also signifies the position of white people towards the black groups as incapable. According to the white community, they were only suitable for physical activities. The author of the essay probably used the word “Graduation” to portray its significance to the world during her tribulations. Notably, she aspired to inform the world about the reality of racism and allow others to feel and relate. Her intended message was to show that nobody should bring another person down regardless of their race or skin color. Notably, the most cherished day in her life that she was meant to celebrate was ruined by a racist man, and it hurts a lot. Henry’s offer of help through the hurting moment was potent because it somehow relieved her of the pain. The notable elements from this essay are the use of structure, tone, and time reference. Angelou used them effectively to provoke emotional feelings and thoughts from her audience. In the end, she not only teaches readers about the realism of racism but also entertains the readers. Beyond that, Angelou showed the readers how reckless utterances by one man ruined her best moments. Today, the essay still revokes emotions about what the blacks endured in schools and the community during the mid-nineteenth century.  Since Angelou penned down topics that wasn’t discussed much with appropriate styles, vivid description, her work has become a renowned book worldwide. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Graduation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words, n.d.)
Analysis of Graduation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words.
(Analysis of Graduation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Analysis of Graduation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Analysis of Graduation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”.
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