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General Content Areas: improvement of employment rates after graduation; course updates to match manpower needs of the state; economic improvement through education revitalization and reduction of outdated mandates and regulations; updating curricula based on changing trends in…
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Article Summaries
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Download file to see previous pages The Board of Regents also wanted to revitalize their education system to fill in the many job openings available in the state which needed certain educational attainments, which in turn could be potential in increasing economic growth in the state. The university plan has just started on July 1, 2012, so the article has no full list of results yet.
The Board of Regents of the University System of Ohio made the change in the educational system so that their graduates would become more productive and also to fill the need for professionals in the state of Ohio, both in the business and education sector. Because the plan just started on July 1, 2012, not many results are out yet, but the prevention of high tuition fee increase, faster educational track, saving in school constructions, and inviting investors to generate funding in the universities were already started. The Board of Regents expects that when the changes have all started, there would be an economic growth in the state, more jobs will be filled in, and more students will become productive and better at their careers.
The implications of the plan would be that more students can go to universities because the tuition fees are lower, and more will graduate on time and have jobs because the curricula would be more fitted to application in the real world and taught at a faster and more effective rate. The schools can also increase their funding because of additional investors, and their potential of being an economic strength can be released.
It is recommended that the results of the changes be checked after one or more years of implementing so that the Board of Regents can see whether the changes made an impact on the labor forces of businesses in Ohio, in the universities’ school standards, and also of the students that graduate from Ohio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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