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I though I knew what good management was - Article Example

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The article elaborates on a personal experience of the author concerning management after being appointed as a general manager in Westinghouse Synthetic Fuels Division (SFD), which was involved in coal gasification research and development. Peace was assigned to tackle a set of…
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I though I knew what good management was
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Extract of sample "I though I knew what good management was"

Download file to see previous pages his mix feelings, when he arrived in SFD for his first time, where there were approximately one hundred workers on the site, including the gasification pilot plant, support, building and offices. Peace explains that he had mixed feelings of challenges of significant opportunities and threat of situations concerning technology and market, which were foreign to him. Moreover, he explains that it took him four years to gather confidence in discussing issues related to technology with knowledgeable customers.
Peace also had problems with employee attitudes, which he identifies through attitude survey months before he arrived in the company. In fact, he compared these attitudes with others, and they were not favorable to him, though he had a solution for these issues, which included effective communication and site cafeteria for addressing the employees. The employees’ attitudes attributed to distrust of management and hostility, which was difficult for him to understand.
During the period when trouble was brewing, problems, which seemed to have been resolved, kept recurring, and the managers were applying the same agenda. Consequently, the employees were complaining about innovative ideas from the management were impractical risky and expensive. Peace also explains that he was unhappy with lack of management follow-through, since the managers seemed to be against the system, though the business objectives were well articulated in the company. Moreover, he mentions about his effort in calling a meeting for a discussion related to issues of management style, which bore no fruits.
Peace narrates about the period when the problem escalated in the company, whereby there was undeclared war within the division, which might have gone on indefinitely to act of vandalism. In fact, during November 1982, there were unidentified employees involved in slashing the tires of two cars belonging to the managers parked off-site. This act was due to the employee resentment towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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