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PROVISION must modify the wand software to incorporate this new functionality within six months or face steep fines. PROVISION has decided to move up its next wand release to meet the government…
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Developing the Charter
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Running head: PROJECT CHARTER Project Charter Affiliation February 2009 Project Charter I. PROJECT SCOPE Project PROVISION Healthcare Technologies Project
New government regulations have just been issued regarding patient safety. PROVISION must modify the wand software to incorporate this new functionality within six months or face steep fines. PROVISION has decided to move up its next wand release to meet the government deadlines. It has also decided to incorporate some new functionality and make some software fixes as part of this release.
Scope Statement (Expected results/desired outcomes)
The scope of the PROVISION project is to modify the required software to incorporate this new functionality within six months will be defined. In this section we will outline the main objectives that we have to achieve throughout the project lifecycle.
The managing director of the PROVISION Healthcare Technologies manufactures has authority to spend up to $90000 for this project. The managing director has established a committee that consists of project manager, financial manager and feasibility analysts. This committee is responsible for the budget estimation and authority to take the decision for the budget finalization.
Personnel resources needed
Product Development (5 persons)
Analysts (1 person)
Designs (2 persons)
Tests (2 persons)
Product Manufacturing (10 persons)
Designers (2 persons)
Developers (3 persons)
Product packaging (5 persons)
Product Distribution (2 person)
Tests installation person (1 person)
Upgrade person (1 person)
Sales & Marketing 10 persons)
Marketing team (10 persons)
Total 27 team members
To be determined at the first meeting—the following is what one team determined at their first meeting.
Software development ($ 30000)
Product Development ($40000)
Consultant ($10000)
Marketing ($8000)
Meetings and others ($2,000)
This project is expected to complete in the duration of the Six months
Here in this project we have the tasks divided in such ways that each team has independent but connective roles and responsibilities. In this section I will present the roles and responsibilities of each project team and their roles regarding the successful completion of the project.
The team of the Product Development the Analysts is responsible for analyzing the main market demands and needed up-gradations. The Designs will design the products and finally the Testes will test the resultant product.
The role of the Product Manufacturing; In the process of WANDS production the Designers will analysis the main up-gradation those are presently needed for the company business. Develops will develop the product. The team of the Product Distribution will responsible for the effective delivery of the product. The main functionality of the testers is the installation of the product effectively.
Sales & Marketing roles: The Sales & Marketing team will be responsible for the effective promotion of the new product features and functionalities. This team have a very huge responsibility for the better promotion and advertisement of the product in the online as well as on the others mediums.
Here I will present the main schedule of the project and we will follow this schedule throughout the development and production of the product and software.

1. February 20th– Consultant retained
2. March 10th Survey completed for approval
3. March 1st – Survey
4. March 20th marketing
5. April 1st –Software development
6. May 1st –Product Wends products
7. June 6th – Implementation
8. July 25th- testing and approval
Observations about the project charter:
In this report I have presented charter of this project. Here I have defined the scope of project and the budget, responsibility structure and time line specification.
Here I have defined the overall budget of this project that is $ 90000. I have also defined the committee structure and its empowerment details.
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4. Kenneth C. Laudon. (1998). Management Information System Sixth Edition, New York. Addison Wesley Publishing Company. Read More
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