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Administrative Rights and Responsibilities of High Schools - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Administrative Rights and Responsibilities of High Schools” seeks to evaluate school districts in the United States, which have thought of considering and tried to make use of programs related to drug testing in order to promote the health and safety in schools…
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Administrative Rights and Responsibilities of High Schools
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Extract of sample "Administrative Rights and Responsibilities of High Schools"

Download file to see previous pages In one case, the Court pointed out that individual suspicion must be the basis of any search on a school child under ordinary circumstances in that, such a search will be able to determine any “evidence of wrongdoing” (Brooks v. East Chambers Consol. Independent School Dist., 730 F Supp 759, 764 (SD Tex 1989, w/o op 930 F2d 915 (CA51991). In this case, the Court explained that the government was not able to justify its interest in interfering with a “student’s legitimate expectation of privacy” (Brooks v. East Chambers Consol. Independent School Dist., 759, 764). The court stated that the program involving drug testing was unreasonable as it was unlikely that accomplished its goal of being a deterrent (Brooks v. East Chambers Consol. Independent School Dist., 759, 764). The Court further explained that although the goal may be to discourage the substance abuse of drugs and even alcohol, if the means used to achieve such goal is narrowly tailored then, it may be held to be unreasonable under the US Constitution (Brooks v. East Chambers Consol. Independent School Dist., 759, 765). In another case, the Federal District Court in Oregon held that the urinalysis being conducted among students participating in the school's interscholastic athletics was valid (Acton v. Vernonia School Dist. 47J, 796 F Supp 1354 (D Or 1992). Using the decision made in Schaill, the court explained any program involving a random urinalysis for interscholastic athletes which uses “the least intrusive means possible” so as to have a consequent protection on the safety and security on the public, may be able to hold out on any constitutional scrutiny if it is able to show particular evidence on problems related to drugs and it's goal of addressing disciplinary concerns   (Acton v. Vernonia School Dist. 47J, 796 F Supp 1354, 1363 (D Or 1992). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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