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MDA: an essential tool to propel one's career - Essay Example

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Master of Business Administration: An Essential Tool to Propel One’s Career Full name University name Education as it has always been known, is important especially in the modern world where competitions have gone global. Information, knowledge and intelligence are now insufficient to give an individual the edge over others but needs documents to prove one’s claims as well as the necessary trainings from a reputable school…
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MDA: an essential tool to propel ones career
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"MDA: an essential tool to propel one's career"

Download file to see previous pages For the employed, going back to school has various reasons like wanting a raise in salary, a promotion, application to a bigger company or it could also be a means to avoid dismissal from service. Most people who are taking postgraduate studies choose to enroll in Master of Business Administration Program because of the demand for its graduates. In addition, students want to be employed with higher salaries after getting a Masters degree. However, statistics show that such expectations are quite the contrary to many although could be true to a handful. Anne VanderMey (2009) claims that schools usually show prospective careers after MBA with the expected salaries to match. However, she mentioned that new statistics shown by PayScale proves this to be far from real to most graduates where only a few get the $150,000 gross annual income mark and most are able to produce the five digit mark only with the worst scenario of a graduate having $30,000 for a year. With the results of the statistical study however, schools say the information they have, prove graduates having higher salaries and the problem is pointed out to the manner PayScale gathers its information. Nevertheless, individuals have been interviewed and are quoted by VanderMey to prove that they are paid much lower than what they expected when they took their graduate studies. Eugene Choi for instance says he is paid $3,000 per month in a Japanese company Fuji TV (FJTNY), instead of the report of his school which was $7,500 a month. Salary could be a better problem for graduates than unemployment. One of the reasons why students enroll in MBA is, as mentioned earlier, its employability. However, the problem is still rampant among MBA graduates so that the education one gets is not an assurance to getting a seat in a company. It is perceived that employers are looking for the reputation of the schools students graduated from aside from the course they finished and Emerging, a French consulting firm and Trendence, a German consulting firm proved this through the survey they jointly performed among hundreds of employers from ten countries and concluded a one hundred fifty list of top universities according to employability ranking (Schuetze 2011). “Reputation”, Jeff Muzzerall, director of the Corporate Connections Center at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto said, “is crucial to employer’s recruitment”. Employers on the other hand say they are looking at the big picture and consider various requirements rather than just concentrate on the school where an applicant graduated from. Instead, they look into skills, overall sense of focus and sense of balance in a student so that they may also consider other activities of an applicant as Steffen Laick, a top recruiter at Ernst & Young, the global accounting firm mentioned in his interview (Schuetze 2011). With the statistics and what common sense suggest, it could be concluded that and MBA does not always guarantee success to everyone who take up the course rather would work for those who go to the right places at the right time and do the right things. Hard work, which has always been known to be the way to success, is still applicable to this modern age where education and skills are highly sought for. Education can never be a guarantee for those who want to take on an easy life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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