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Primary education includes early years till year 6. This is a period of studies which is immensely important for the children as it is the best time for learning new things. Children are at a tender age in…
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Report 1500 words
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Download file to see previous pages Social factors are those which include the family backgrounds, the geographical areas, the socio-economic classes, and other factors relating to types of schools, teachers, and education. Primary schools in the UK suffer many social factors influencing the provision of education because UK is a multicultural society with various socio-economic classes, different types of schools such as private and public, and several family backgrounds. Schools teach socializing to students and give them common values according to which they develop their personalities away from their ethnic, cultural, or economic backgrounds (Hawkins, 2012, p. 116).
However, at times the social factors intervene in the provision of education to students and affect their nurturing. There are some schools that are private and some public which affects the provision of education. Private schools consist of the students who belong to higher socio-economic classes. Such schools have teachers who provide high quality education to students and focus on their designed plans and curriculums; in addition to giving students ethical and religious values that would bring them closer to humanity and developing a strong personality. Public schools provide primary education to students coming from all sorts of social backgrounds. Even though these schools have governors, leaders, managers, and staff members who are continually monitored by the government, they often fail to minimize the differences between students. At times, language barriers and ethnic differences affect the provision of education in public schools as they are located in districts which often have people from the same cultures, or people from diverse cultures (Sylva, 2010, p. 56).
Socio-economic factors deal with the areas where the schools are located. Some students are situated in areas where there are ethnic minorities whereas some are located in low socio-economic areas. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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