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Ghana and The Education Reform - Essay Example

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Name Professor Sociology Date Education Developments in Ghana Introduction Education system in Ghana prior to 1974 applied a structure, which had been introduced by British Colonial Administration (McWilliam and Kwamena-Poh, 4). In fact, compliance to requirements set by this structure continued after independence, though there were insignificant alterations in management of educational institutions and introduction of new curriculum content…
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Ghana and The Education Reform
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, this paper will explore issues regarding education developments in Ghana, through a review of different sources, and a summary of findings will be presented. Literature Review Ghana’s Dzobo Education Developments in 1974 There was a review of Ghanaian education system conducted by Ignatius Kutu Acheampong in 1970s (Ministry of Education, 1). Acheampong, through an Education Review Committee, he made significant developments on Ghanaian education system under the powers of National Redemption Council (NRC) (Ministry of Education, 1). On the other hand, there were contentions that colonial experience had rendered Ghana to inherit education system from the colonist, and it required reforms. Moreover, there were other arguments claiming that the education system introduced by the British Colonial Administration facilitated economical and administrational reliance on demands of their former colonist after independence. One of the reasons that aggravated ideas to reform education system in Ghana was need for a new system, which would offer skills to students, thereby increasing their reliance on resources in the country. Secondly, it had been observed that education system, which had been introduced by their colonist, was obsolete and it failed to equip students with necessary skills for securing employment. Thirdly, there was a fundamental need for Ghanaians to develop ways for dealing with problem such as diseases, deforestation and low agricultural productivity (Ministry of Education, 1). Some of the features introduced by Dzobo Education Developments in 1974 were establishment of kindergarten schools, which were to be attended for a period of two years by children aged between four and six years (Ministry of Education, 1). These developments introduced nine years of fundamental cycle of education, which entailed six years of attending primary school for children between age of six years and twelve. Moreover, there were other three years to be spent under junior secondary school for children between ages of twelve to fifteen years (Ministry of Education, 1). After completion of Junior Secondary School, a student was offered was to be offered a chance to choose among alternative such as joining two-year senior secondary that led to GCE ’O’ Level, undertaking a technical course for a period of three years or vocational and commercial courses. Nonetheless, students, who qualified from senior secondary with GCE ‘A’ were qualified to join universities, colleges or polytechnics (Ministry of Education, 1). Ghana’s Evans-Anfom Developments in 1987 There were other reforms made on Ghanaian education system in 1987 by the government of Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings (Keteku, 1). In fact, Evans-Anfom Reforms were implemented through Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC). Moreover, these reforms were derived from report written by Dr Evans-Anfom, who headed the Education Commission (Ministry of Education, 1). In fact, this report was published in August 1986 by the Education commission, aimed at establishing ways to deal with problems faced due to censure towards Ghanaian educational system (Keteku, 1). Evans-Anfom Reforms in 1987 altered the structure of education system by reducing number of years spent during pre-university from seventeen to twelve. There was a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ghana and The Education Reform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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