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Relevant Issues Pertaining to Adjunct Faculty versus Full Time Faculty - Research Paper Example

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This paper aims to present the difference between an adjunct faculty versus a full-time faculty member. A literature review, as well as policies regarding the hiring of both types of faculty members, are discussed. Relevant human resources regulatory requirements are also presented   …
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Relevant Issues Pertaining to Adjunct Faculty versus Full Time Faculty
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Extract of sample "Relevant Issues Pertaining to Adjunct Faculty versus Full Time Faculty"

Download file to see previous pages Murphy, (2002) averred that “school leaders, educational administration faculty, and policymakers are endeavoring to redefine the profession in an era of ferment, during which the legitimacy of its knowledge base and the appropriateness of programs for preparing school leaders have been thrown into question”. More and more educational programs and institutions opt to utilize adjunct faculty members for diverse reasons.
In this regard, the objectives of this essay are threefold: (1) to differentiate an adjunct faculty member versus that of a full time faculty; (2) to present underlying policies and regulatory requirement regarding hiring practices of both types; and (3) to determine the effectiveness of each type in terms of educational leadership.
The State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) conducted a study of policies regarding the use of adjunct faculty (1998). The study provided a broad definition of an adjunct faculty as “one who is appointed for a specified and limited term to teach one or more academic courses or to provide other stipulated academic responsibilities”. Boston College (2008), on the other hand, defines adjunct faculty as “those persons holding instructional and/or research positions without a contract of appointment to the faculty.” From these definitions, the adjunct faculty is those teaching
professionals without a contract and who teach a minimum load. The SCHEV study referred to this type as "part-time" faculty which could also include ‘temporary hires, paid and unpaid, who teach as substitutes, as "filling" appointments, or as on-call instructors whose employment depends on adequate enrollment in courses”.
A full-time faculty, on the other hand, are professionals with full time teaching load with tenure and are eligible for benefits from the educational institution that employs them.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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