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I found this experience extremely helpful as the faculty member advised me on a lot of topics and I think it would end up being very useful to me for my studies and for my career as well.
The faculty…
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Faculty Interview Recently I had the chance of meeting a faculty member and interviewing him. I found this experience extremely helpful as the faculty member advised me on a lot of topics and I think it would end up being very useful to me for my studies and for my career as well.
The faculty member told me the keys to success. He explained how one should work smarter instead of working harder. I found this point very intelligent. I asked the faculty member about his experiences during his student life and how he managed to reach this position. He explained that he was an average student but one thing he made sure of was setting his priorities straight. He had a normal life but he would make sure to give his studies enough importance. He had a social life, and performed extracurricular as well – he said that these are equally important to a student. However, he made sure to concentrate on his studies as well.
Beside studies, the faculty member said that a student should try and implement his coursework in real life to give a taste of how real world professional life may be. Another reason that he gave for this was that a student would then concentrate on his coursework more and as he studies he would think how it could be applied in the real world, thus making it more interesting.
The faculty member also advised that it is more important to have knowledge than grades and an employer would be more impressed with the former. Without practical knowledge the grades would not lead you anywhere. Read More
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Faculty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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