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Teaching Language and Communication Skills - Case Study Example

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This paper "Teaching Language and Communication Skills" discusses an understanding of behaviors that serve to support or expand on communication and speech as well as how other environmental aspects of the child’s world may contribute to the development of language…
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Teaching Language and Communication Skills
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Extract of sample "Teaching Language and Communication Skills"

Download file to see previous pages “Language occurs through an interaction among genes (which hold innate tendencies to communicate and be sociable), environment, and the child’s own thinking abilities” (Genishi, 2006). But just how does this happen? How do children learn to use sounds to communicate and then to place those sounds in the correct order to make themselves understood? While some of this behavior can be attributed to the imitation of the caregivers, there remain aspects to the development of language and communication that cannot be so easily explained. To provide a more complete understanding of how language and communication develop in the young child, it is necessary to understand not only the primary terms that are applied, but also the parts and components that makeup language. The ways in which children seem to be ‘prepared for’ communication and language development will be discussed, which will lead to an examination of the theories that have been developed. 

There are several terms used in a discussion of language development that may not be quite as obvious as they might seem at first glance. Generally speaking, language is defined as a set of symbols, typically in the form of articulating gestures and the creation of sounds, which are used to communicate or store information (Eccardt, 2003). “The symbols are words, and their meanings cover everything we humans deal with … Generally, the above definition puts the label language’ on English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.  It also covers sign languages for deaf people” (Eccardt, 2003).  However, it does not necessarily include mechanical forms such as the alphabet, writing or other forms of expression.  This is quite different from what is meant by the term ‘communication.’  Most experts will define communication as a process of transferring meaning through the use of various means, including language, gestures, written words or other symbols.  Syntax and semantics will be discussed in more detail in a moment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching Language and Communication Skills Case Study.
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