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Write an academic report that is clear,concise & cohesive on the topic of THE IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGE - Essay Example

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Through language, human beings can communicate to others. They can exchange beliefs, knowledge, wishes, commands, threats, promises, thanks, opinions, feelings, as well as declarations. Human…
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Write an academic report that is clear,concise & cohesive on the topic of THE IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGE
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Extract of sample "Write an academic report that is clear,concise & cohesive on the topic of THE IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGE"

Download file to see previous pages In most instances, language is defined as verbal behavior, including body movements and gestures (Campbell & Green, 2006). Language is an integral constituent of the human activity playing a central part in the experiences and events of daily life of humans. This essay explains the meaning of language, importance of language in communication, the importance of language in civilization and the importance of language to culture.
Oral language is a skill acquired naturally by small children. However, early childhood development cannot be overstressed, but it is a platform, which enables children to read and write. Assigning a meaning to sentences and words involves interpretation, which is mainly influenced by an individual’s attitudes, topic knowledge and experiences. Therefore, during communication individuals arrive at different meanings during a conversation. The principal means of communication in any society is spoken language although written communication also plays a vital role (Fellowes & Oakley, 2010).Language can be expressed orally through a generation of speech, which facilitates speech through an employment of signs systematically. It is a complex physical process, which involves the use of the vocal tract in controlling and shaping moving air in various ways in order to produce sounds. A speech comprises of fluency, voice and articulation.
Language is extremely an important way used by human beings to interact. Language is used to express the needs of individuals and ask others questions. Language is modified in every situation, for instance, the tone used to address children at home is different from the tone used in business meetings. In order to communicate effectively, individuals send a message comprising actions, words and gestures. Therefore, communication is two-way since the recipient is as important as the sender is (Gee & Hayes, 2011). Through language, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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