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Practicum and Application #2 - Essay Example

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An effective elementary teacher requires learning teacher practices that will guide him/her through the teaching processes (Moss &…
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Download file to see previous pages elements of effective teaching that were being assessed included management of the classroom and planning of lessons, and educational psychology (Wubbels, 2012). From all the research carried out, it is undeniable that high standard early education for children makes them better prepared for success in other school subjects, later in their school lives (Kitzman & Gunzenhauser, 2012). This makes teaching at the PK-3 level a specialty, and therefore highly trained teachers with a vast knowledge concerning early childhood management.
During the interview, my interviewee was commendable conversant with childhood development. She knew at least 90% of the pupils in her classroom in person and had even developed relations with their parents. The teachers are required to have not only instinctive, but also analytical knowledge concerning the personal development of a child (Ebert & Culver, 2013). This is an aspect that will help a teacher manage her students in the classroom without inflicting psychological harm. Research studies prove that youngsters educated by professionals acquire many benefits that will prepare them for future success. A teacher is required to use teaching methods that will be understood by all students (Wubbels, 2012). My interviewee used teaching methods such as classroom reading and use of literature that was simple enough to be understood by all (Moss & Lapp, 2010). This is in consideration of the possible immigrant students. The learning environment is another factor that should be taken seriously (Kitzman & Gunzenhauser, 2012). The teacher should make effort to enhance the learning environment as much as possible. The teacher should use all types of teaching methods to ensure a vast field of understanding. Some children are better at visual studies than others are, while others capture theoretical teaching habits better. It is therefore important for a kindergarten teacher to apply all these methods where possible to ensure that all the pupils ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Practicum and Application #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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