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The author states that "They say, I say" helps the author to identify rhetorical moves in academic writing, like what people said about failure, and compared to what the writer knows. Since they are all not distinct, he comes up with a way of tying all together by coming up with a change.    …
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The Influence of They Say, I Say Book on Me
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At that moment, it came clear why the writer got rejections and at times no responses from his resumes. He realized he was not self-sufficient and was living a lie. To him, he had known that he had all that it takes in terms of knowledge and skills to get the jobs, but his thinking was shattered. It then clicked in his mind that he needed to put things right, by first looking for ways to improve himself, by furthering his education, changing his thinking process and ideas on education. He decided to tie it all together after following some adverts he once saw on TV and the internet about Phoenix university and went back to continue his education.
Over the learning period, the writer discovered three things that people say, never fear failure, and honesty is the best policy. They term it so because they believe that failure gives room for learning opportunities for growth. He quotes, “Thomas Edison failed a thousand times to create the filament for light bulbs.” He later succeeded after not giving up. To be a failure means giving up and accepting that one cannot succeed. But the “I say” part of the writer is that he believes that if he wakes up in the morning, people can make a difference in the world in a way or another. He says that people’s perception of failure is taken to be, that failure is bad, people look at what was done and what was left undone. But where they fail is, asking what someone has learned from it, or how the idea changed people’s views?
This will help me as a student in my first English class know how to frame my arguments in a large context of what others have said and give templates to help me make those moves. The book denotes that as a student, I should listen carefully to what others are saying, and give their argument as a response.   Read More
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