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Sutton distinguishes the kinds of interaction that relates to learning as direct interaction, indirect interaction, core interaction and ancillary interaction (Sutton 2001). Direct interaction are the course instructions given by the teacher, the core interaction is the subject…
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Educational technology
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Educational Technology Your post Sutton distinguishes the kinds of interaction that relates to learning as direct interaction, indirect interaction,core interaction and ancillary interaction (Sutton 2001). Direct interaction are the course instructions given by the teacher, the core interaction is the subject matter itself, the ancillary interaction are the materials that supplements the core interaction while the indirect interaction are the informal interactions that happen during the learning process. These interactions are essential in the learning process of the student where each kind of interaction can complement the others (i.e. indirect interaction makes the core interaction easier. He also distinguished interactivity from interaction as a form of interaction among many participants while interaction is limited to a set of individuals which typically comprises of two.
As a participant of online course, I believe I can thrive with the interactivity online whereby I can interact with a community of online learners. In this platform (online), I believe that interaction will be maximized as noise (distraction) in physical interaction will be tremendously diminished. The usual distraction in physical interaction such as surfing during discussion or group work now become a part of learning process as an ancillary interaction as identified by Sutton. Students are now required to scour through various sources particularly internet to supplement the direct interaction provided by teachers. In a way, learning became efficient and to some extent even effective than face to face learning process. As a learner who is accustomed to the platform of internet, I believe I will thrive learning in an online course.
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Sutton, L. (2001) The Principle of Vicarious Interaction in Computer Mediated Communications. International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, 7(3), 223-242.  Read More
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