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While schools and colleges appoint teachers with valid educational degrees to teach students of all realms, they may not pay particular attention to whether the teacher is properly trained in the use of information technology. Some people may see this as an irrelevant concept to…
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How well trained teachers are in educational technology
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"How well trained teachers are in educational technology"

Download file to see previous pages nd and properly utilized with the use of technological devices such as laptops, projectors, iPads, slideshows, and various softwares amongst thousands of other devices and programs. Moreover, it is vital for students to be aware of how to properly utilize these devices to improve their educational learning and to enhance their understanding. This makes it further essential for teachers to be fully trained in using such devices and educational technology in order to facilitate the learning process (Mumtaz, 2000).
As some teachers belong to older generations or some are technology-aversive, a large proportion of teachers have usually been found to be unable to properly use programs such as Microsoft Office, statistical software, and technological devices such as computers and projectors in general. Therefore, while it is important to judge how well teachers are able to communicate with students, nowadays, it is also just as important to judge whether they can use information technology effectively (Mumtaz, 2000).
This study aims to analyze and determine whether teachers belonging to higher education institutes are able to properly use educational technology (computers, projectors, microphones, and software) to facilitate the learning process and how well-equipped these teachers are in the use of this technology.
The study will focus on the teachers of the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) in the local area and determine how these teachers are in the use of information technology and educational technology. The study will then aim to analyze the data on local teachers’ technology competence reasons and will aim to compare and it with previous literature regarding teachers’ competence in information technology.
The participants of the study will include male and female teachers between the ages of 21 to 60 employed at BISD. Five teachers will be chosen from each school through random stratified sampling. A total of six teachers will be analyzed for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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