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Quality Assessment Plan for Teachers - Coursework Example

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In the paper “Quality Assessment Plan for Teachers”  the author specifies an assessment plan for assessing teacher performance when teaching young people a technical subject. An assessment matrix is used to show how the teachers may be assessed in relation to the teaching performance goals…
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Quality Assessment Plan for Teachers
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Extract of sample "Quality Assessment Plan for Teachers"

Download file to see previous pages This assessment plan has been designed to give relevant, measurable and consistent results under any circumstances. We take as a point of departure the requirement for each teacher who attends this training course to then, when teaching students him- or herself, to positively influence the chances of each student to gain employment. Employers of these students may be companies providing this IT services to other customers, or companies requiring this kind of competence for their own internal needs. As such, employers will typically look for practical ability and knowledge in this domain, motivation to use and apply that ability and related work experience where possible. The trainee teachers will therefore be assessed on their demonstrable ability to teach students to this level and to provide a motivating environment for the student to succeed. The assessment plan that is applied to the teachers measures what is measurable: the practical teaching ability and the assimilation of teaching knowledge.
For their students to succeed both in the IT curriculum and in the process of gaining employment, teachers will need to instill in them demonstrable competence. This in turn means that the teacher will need to show practical competence in the teaching methods. Theoretical knowledge of teaching methods will not be enough. Therefore a significant part of the training and consequently the assessment is competency-based. However, assimilated knowledge must also be taken into account when it demonstrates the teacher's aptitude....
he practical assessments will take place individually in the classroom itself as well as in rooms adjacent to the classroom to allow sufficient privacy for each trainee teacher and avoid the risk of collusion. Each teacher will answer the questions in the assessment on his or her own, and the grades will be calculated for each individual from the answers given. The correctness of the answers will be measured by the accuracy of the written result or by the demonstration of appropriate teaching behavior when doing the practical exercises.
Course objectives:
demonstrate broad understanding of teaching principles
demo understanding of class dynamics
demo understanding of learning motivation particularly in unemployment context
demo understanding of continual assessment / orientation of students
demo understanding of linking student learning to improved job prospects
demo understanding of identifying learning problems and solving them
demo workshop leadership for students to apply their learning
demo ability to grade and assess students final performance
Appendix 1 shows the relationship between the course objectives and the assessment
Appendix 2 gives a representative sample of the assessment methods to be used.
It may be noted as well that these assessment methods are available for immediate use by any person teaching the teachers on this course. Their application is specified in each case: for example, how to use the multiple choice questionnaires, which steps to accomplish in the practical exercise and what results are to be noted by the trainee teacher.
Instructions have also been produced to allow any assessor or official examiner to apply these assessment methods. They require no specific knowledge on the part of the examiner (for the case where the person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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