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From 1st March, 2014, I will spend three hours per day studying in the library for the next two months before my examinations commence on the 2nd May, 2014 with the aim of improving my aggregate semester grade from a B to an A. In regards to the specificity of this goal, I is…
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No idea
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"No idea"

Download file to see previous pages A is a single grade higher than B and the goal is therefore realistic. The goal is timely because it will take two months (Rouillard 47).
To raise the performance of the rugby team that I coach, from ten touch downs to twelve, I will train with them on the field for two hours once a week starting next Friday till the last Friday of April 2014. I and the team is the who, training is the what, field is the where, two hours once a week is the when, touchdowns is the which, and raising the performance is the why. Fifteen touchdowns are measurable, training for two hours once a week is attainable, building a capacity to add two touchdowns in one month is realistic and starting next Friday until the last Friday of April, 2014 is my goal’s time bounds (Rouillard 47).
To become a more sociable neighbor than I have been, I want to make one new friend in our new neighborhood every month starting in April 2014 so that I will have eight new friends by December 2014. In this goal, I is the who, making is the what, our new neighborhood is the where, every month is the when, new friend is the which and become a more sociable neighbor is the why. Making one new friend monthly and eight friends by December is measurable. The goal to make one friend monthly and eight friends in eight months is attainable. It is realistic that a person can make one new friend monthly and eight months are enough time for it (Rouillard 47).
To expand our campus entrepreneurial club by ninety members in the next three months, we will conduct a massive campaign on campus using press, posters, and social media to recruit prospective members. We is the who in this goal, campaign is the what, campus is the where, more members is the which, and expand is the why. Ninety members is measurable and recruiting ninety members in three months is attainable. This goal is realistic because it can be broken down to recruiting thirty new members every month to get ninety in three months ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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No Idea Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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