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Personal Development: Goals and Objectives - Coursework Example

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The researcher states that goals are part of our daily lives. They shape how we manage our relationships, how we use our free time, how we want our careers to grow, etc. Everything we engage in narrows down to objectives and priorities, and what we would like to achieve in all aspects of our lives…
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Personal Development: Goals and Objectives
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Download file to see previous pages We become toys of coincidence and regrets. Landmark achievements like sending a man to the moon and developing operating systems are the products of goals that were created at one point; visions that were planned and realized.
The goals are short, precise, and to the point. There are no loopholes or ambiguity left for the readers to deal with (Kotlar and Massis, 2013:1270). The goals are simple and clearly show what will be done. For example, the goal “to graduate from the University of Plymouth with a bachelor’s degree in Navigation and Maritime Science in 3 years time” is as specific as it could be. The reader can see what the objectives and intentions are without wasting time. The goal objectives address the 5 WS: who, what, when, where, and why. The Who is the person who sets the goal. The What is graduate from the University of Plymouth with a bachelor’s degree in Navigation and Marine Science. The When is 3 years. From the information provided the Where is probably the location of the University of Plymouth. The Why is known to the person who set the goal. More often than not, the where and the why remain ambiguous because integrating all Ws in a single goal makes them lose meaning.
The goals are measurable so that there is concrete evidence that the goal has been achieved. The whole goal statement should be a measure for the project, but they're often short-term and long-term metrics built into the goals (Kotlar and Massis, 2013:1276). For example, in the goal “to get a Deck officers training experience and graduate as an officer from Britannia Royal Naval College in 4 years time” the metrics are getting a Deck Officer’s training experience and graduating as an officer. Therefore, in 4 years, it would be considered a failure f graduation and Deck Officer’s training are not accomplished. These two are the metrics of the goal statement. Ideally, goal objectives should have descriptive or numeric metrics that define quality, cost, quantity, etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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