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Goal setting for college - Essay Example

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My interest in this topic is to know the art of planning goals and attaining them with ease especially in the academic field. This will involve learning diverse and essential aspects, which I am supposed to consider while…
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Goal setting for college
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Extract of sample "Goal setting for college"

Goal setting for college Key Words: Goals, Setting, SMART, Introduction: My topic is “Goal Setting for College” (Van, 2012). My interest in this topic is to know the art of planning goals and attaining them with ease especially in the academic field. This will involve learning diverse and essential aspects, which I am supposed to consider while setting goals.
I. Goals
A. What is a goal?
This is a desired result or target, which an individual commits himself to attain within a stated timeframe.
B. What is a SMART GOAL?
It is a desired result or target, which falls within “SMART” acronym specifications, commonly used to formulating goals (Van, 2012). The acronym’s letters stand for,
C. Why are goals necessary?
They act as set targets meant to measure an individual’s success whether he or she has attained or surpassed them. Therefore, they determine whether one has succeeded of failed according to the set targets.
II. Setting Goals
A. Long term goals
They are goals whose durations range from one to many years in the future, whereby an individual to attain them sets small targets (Van, 2012). Mainly, these small or short duration targets act as motivating aspects and reminder of long-term accomplishments in the future, for instance, career (Van, 2012).
B. Short term goals
They are targets characterized by short timeframes. Mostly, these timeframes may be an hour, day or month from the present but not years (Van, 2012).
III. Achieving Goals
A. Thinking Skills
a. Critical thinking
It is a meticulous self-evaluation and comparison against any set targets, which an individual intends to commit oneself in attaining them. Mainly, this entails an individual recognizing his or her fallibility and devising effective strategies meant to attain what one desires (Van, 2012).
b. Creative thinking
It is the way of questioning the obvious or humanity’s conventional way of thinking and brainstorming with an intention of coming up with new perspectives meant to attain a set target (Halonen & Santrock, 2013). This allows an individual to develop numerous perspectives whose core purpose is to meet their goals (Halonen & Santrock, 2013).
c. Practical thinking
It is the art of thinking with an intention of attaining a set target, which entails resulting to action (Adler, 2008).
B. Growth Mindset
This is a belief of an individual that basic abilities develop through commitment. Therefore, challenges or failures usually avail an individual chances to learn from own mistakes and rectify them with an intention of repositioning themselves to reach high heights.
C. Face Fears
a. Acknowledge fear
This is admitting one has haunting fears despite how sure and courageous he or she may appear from outside while preparing to pursue a certain goal.
b. Examine fears
The process entails addressing all underlying concerns that may prompt an individual fail to attain his or her potential. Hence, enable one to operate from a “logical thinking mode” instead of emotional.
c. Plan of attack
This encompasses confronting an individual’s fears after analyzing them thoroughly, hence start operating from a “logical thinking mode”.
D. Pursue Dream
The step entails committing oneself fully and involving resources, which he or she deems will be essential in attaining the set targets.
IV. Conclusion
A. What I learned from my research
Accomplishing of any goal entails one to prepare effectively and as necessitated. This encompasses proper goals’ setting besides meticulous scrutiny of oneself with the intention of developing a strong growth mindset.
B. How will this learning affect my life?
This knowhow will help me to plan and attain my set targets with ease, hence become successful in life. Since, I will be able to plan well and even utilize the acquired skills from this exercise to succeed almost in all areas.
C. Goals I accomplished
Knowing how to prepare myself and set SMART goals (Van, 2012).
Adler, M. (2008). Aristotle for Everybody. New York: Simon and Schuster.
Halonen, J. S., & Santrock, J. W. (2013). Your guide to college success: Strategies for achieving your goals. Boston, Mass: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.
Van, B. D. L. (2012). College study skills: Becoming a stragegic learner. Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning. Read More
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