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Convince school to take specific measurements to improve students health and fitness - Essay Example

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Over the years, physical education has been part of the key part of the student’s education straight from childhood all the way to college. Schools need to implement good physical education programs…
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Convince school to take specific measurements to improve students health and fitness
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Extract of sample "Convince school to take specific measurements to improve students health and fitness"

Nutrition and Fitness Is Important For Physical health is important to the parents, the school and the community. Over the years, physical education has been part of the key part of the student’s education straight from childhood all the way to college. Schools need to implement good physical education programs that are bound to improve the student’s general health and fitness. However, the work does not just stop at implementation. The school’s management needs to follow up and ensure that the system actually works. This is because the school will only get to enjoy the benefits of implementing the program if the program actually works. The school also needs to watch out for the impacts that the programs has on the students. If the student do not take to the program implemented, they are likely not to participate hence the inevitable failure of the program. Nutrition and physical fitness is important for students because it offers many great benefits such as improved self esteem and confidence, improved performance in class and a general improvement in the physical health of the students (Jackson 56).
If the students are in good shape, it reflects in their general self esteem. For teenagers, what others think is more important to them that what they think about themselves. Kids can be cruel in high school as is well known by all. They are bound to make fun of a fellow kid if they were seen as unhealthy and unfit. If the students are physically fit, it instills some form of confidence in them and makes them feel like they are actually worthy. This is a decision made based on their mastery of skills and the aspects of the physical programs. This in turn makes the student more aggressive, have more self-control, be more independent and have more confidence.
In addition, physical fitness among the students will reflect in other areas of the curriculum. The students are bound to perform better in class and this benefit them and the school as well. Every management wants the society to see them succeeding and therefore, good student performance reflects well on the managements performance (Jackson, 43).
Physical exercise has always been known to be a way through which one can relieve stress. Engaging in physical exercise does not only improve the physical health of the students, but also can be a way for the children to rid themselves of any form of tension and anxiety that they may be experiencing. Consequently, this will improve the student’s emotional stability and resilience.
The programs set up for improved physical health can be an opportunity for the students to interact with each other. This will improve the social interactions among the students, and they can get to share ideas with their peers. Moreover, the student will have more confidence in their decisions and have better moral judgment. The students get to have more responsibility and be answerable for their own actions. This just generally implies that physical development in turn reflects on the children’s moral development.
Although the management may look at the financial implications before implementing a fitness and health program in the school, one needs to take into consideration all the benefits that come about as a result of physical fitness and health. The benefits are more than the expenses one would associate the physical fitness programs with. In addition, physical fitness can improve the skills of the students which is something that not only benefits them during the period which they are in school but throughout their lives. Lastly, students need to be educated on the importance of good health and physical fitness. Once they understand it shall not feel like the idea was forced on them, and they will be more willing to participate. School is all about preparing for what awaits one in future. Students therefore need to be convinced on why physical education and good health is important and how it will reflect on their lives in future.
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Jackson, Allen W. Physical Activity for Health and Fitness. Champaign, Ill: Human Kinetics, 2004. Print. Read More
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