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Health Families, Localities and Societies - Essay Example

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The reason school intervention in nutritional and health subjects is pertinent is that their attempts prove to be the most effective. School is, actually, a…
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Health Families, Localities and Societies
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Download file to see previous pages Localities differ in living, economic and cultural standards that inhibit some individuals to truly adopt precise measures for maintaining their health. However, this is the part where schools need to step in, because these are schools that may provide children with the better knowledge of health issues and the most relevant ways of addressing them (Finlay, Pearson & Ram, 2009).
Beginning with the actual implementation of an environment that endorses better health, schools can introduce an offering of a nutritionally balanced diet through the cafeteria and canteen foods. By having salad bars, whole-wheat products, fruits etc at cafeteria counters for students in place of sugary or fried contents can build the air of awareness to an extent. Students, especially children, are prone to learn more quickly when they are subjected to an environment that promotes that learning. In these ways, schools can provide children with practical experience in nutrition – skills widely regarded as essential for healthy living (Finlay, Pearson & Ram, 2009).
Considering the example of Kate from chapter five who experienced a change in her lifestyle and her behavior as her school introduced better food for meals. The facilities and services that Kate’s school offered her resulted in the betterment of her health and life. Offering a balanced diet to students as in the case of Kate’s school can progressively enhance the student’s health (Finlay, Pearson & Ram, 2009).
Additional efforts from schools are required in the form of fitness awareness. The past years in British schools have been marked with the growing health awareness and the implementation of a greater variety of sports options than in the past (Finlay, Pearson & Ram, 2009). Sports facilities have not only proven to be a great way of enhancing individual health and fitness, it has also been of a greater attraction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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