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Professional Dispositions in Educational Environment - Essay Example

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The writer of the current reflective essay "Professional Dispositions in Educational Environment" seeks to describe a personal approach to teaching. The writer would particularly emphasize the importance of empathy and authenticity in creating an efficient working environment…
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Professional Dispositions in Educational Environment
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"Professional Dispositions in Educational Environment"

Download file to see previous pages I reckon that it is encouraging for students to know that their educator understands and accepts them. Empathy helps me not to judge learners unfairly and instead, accept and respect their perceptions and opinions unconditionally.
Empathy is strength in me as it helps me create an environment conducive to harmonious learning. It would be chaotic trying to impart knowledge on to individuals whom I have not taken time to understand. Lack of an understanding of my learners’ subjective worlds would make me judge the things they do and the way they do them. Empathy saves me the trouble of getting agitated by something that my learners do or say and instead savors this energy for helping my learners to rise above their biases and any other opinion that can hinder effective learning (Reid et. al., 2011). As a strength empathy helps me identify the areas in which individual learners need assistance and as such, I can attend to individual needs besides attending to the needs of the larger class. Individualized attention helps students be free and express their fears and weaknesses to me as an educator out of trust. Individualized attention is instrumental in improving the performance of learners.
Authenticity is my other professional disposition with which I approach my work as an educator. Authenticity helps me reckon that different learners have different needs and as such, I vary my methods and approaches to teaching. This comes with an understanding that the method or approach that works for an individual learner or group of learners may not work for another. I emphasize originality and uniqueness in the execution of my duties and in the delivery of content to learners. Authenticity helps me accept my weaknesses and shortcomings and allows me to express myself with genuineness and honesty (Reid et. al., 2011).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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