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Impression of Teaching as a Profession - Essay Example

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The author of the paper states that teachers work in an environment characterized by uncertainty and change. The teaching profession requires a positive attitude, the purposed frame of mind and distinct aura necessary for acquiring the willingness fundamental for a motivated teacher…
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Impression of Teaching as a Profession
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Extract of sample "Impression of Teaching as a Profession"

Download file to see previous pages The profession requires effective socialization, providing the necessary foundations for a responsible citizen, and providing emotional support. The first impression of teaching is formed in student life when a teacher conducts their role responsibly. This creates a notion that teaching is a noble profession that caters to the academic, emotional or spiritual needs of the learners. Effective and efficient childhood interaction between teachers and young learners creates a positive image of teaching as an industrious job. Students do not come into contact with the practical details and challenges associated with teaching; thus, the worth of teaching in a classroom context should not be weighed upon professional hassles and practical work. The current first-time teachers fail to realize that professional knowledge is no longer viewed as a constituent of an explicit and fixed knowledge base. Sharpe (2004) posits that knowledge exists in use, and any advancements or modification is caused by experience. Therefore, when teachers use their knowledge, the mode of its delivery changes the impact of its use among students.
The reality between the impression of teaching and reality can be explained by the nature of having unfavorable returns or when the experience conforms to the initial impression. The transformation from student life to teacher status may lead to a different feeling that may make a first-time teacher uncomfortable. This can be viewed as a negative stroke considering the earlier positive impression and willingness to indulge in the profession. Most students view the teaching profession as an uncomplicated and easy knowledge delivery task full of excitement and fun. However, this notion is blown away once they become teachers and encounter the responsibilities required of them such as effectiveness, high-end communication skills, hard work, creativity, and determination. Dalmau and Gudjonsdottir (2002) affirm this when they state the roles and obligations associated with teaching. They include acting as pedagogues and experts in teaching, reflective and critical problem solvers, knowledge creators and theory builders as well as acting as research and change agents. Those who are not prepared for such commitments get disappointed once they get involved in the profession. Superiority and aggression were normally viewed as the effective measures necessary to instill discipline in students. This notion made most aspiring and first time teachers view this as a privilege associated with the profession. However, the current education systems do not support dictatorial authority but prefer popularly-based authority. The school atmosphere is characterized by negotiation and persuasion rather than confrontation. Most school rules are made by the community as a whole; hence, they are student-friendly with the teacher’s input being reduced to that of nurturing and persuading. This requires the commitment and dedication of a decided mind. Proponents of the democratic school system argue that a school that follows fairly the democratically enacted laws is the one in which community discipline prevails and supports the development of the concept of law and order (Sharpe, 2004). Most learners may regard teaching with high esteem. Such a notion makes them expect recognition and uplifting of their status in the community once they adopt the teaching profession. However, in the modern world, this is not applicable in every culture and region. The emergence of numerous educational channels and disciplines has curtailed dependence on teachers by students. Based on education diversity, the student influence on education affairs has improved leaving the teachers in a vulnerable position. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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