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Should United States public elementary/secondary schools include merit pay programs as a part of our educational reform - Essay Example

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The subject on adoption of the merit based pay for the teachers is subject to assessment and consideration of the several a factor attachment to the merit and demerits of pay model. Pay model works in a regulated environment as opposed to how it has been applied thus prompting…
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Should United States public elementary/secondary schools include merit pay programs as a part of our educational reform
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Extract of sample "Should United States public elementary/secondary schools include merit pay programs as a part of our educational reform"

Download file to see previous pages Personally, I consider merit pay as a morale boosting path that aids in elevating the output standard of the teachers and that is the only model for directing proportionate and equivalent production in the education segment (Ramirez, 57).
Following massive expectations from the community, parents, leaders and politicians who are ravenous for enhanced schools, the impression of reimbursing teachers more in case students would perform better appears as basic. The effectual alteration in the payment with expectations of improving the results is justified and has the essence of elevating the desire of teachers to work and produce. The quality of education is mainly measurable by acknowledging the results output from the process. While companies accord remuneration on basis on yield the same must apply to the education segment. While some states have laws prohibiting the proposals, a minority of schools and regions around the nation apply such strategies. The incorporation of the large funds in the by the federal in adoption of the policy would typically results in positive finding from the district level as opposed to pessimistic model of thoughts entailed by the rejecting people. The challenge is persuading politicians around the state emphasizing the complex problems neighboring pay-for output systems.
According to research findings some teachers have received result oriented and proportionate pay in the past. "Its a reward for doing what we all have a passion to do anyway - making sure our kids master the skills they need in order to be successful," said Duvernay who teaches math. In the same proportionality, other teachers are opposed to the policy arguing that success of the child is not limited to the efforts of the teacher but to the extensive roles of the all whole society. Debra Gunter, a math teacher says, "Your mother ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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