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Mobile Technology - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Whether made by Google, Microsoft, Apple or any other developer, apps offer excess free or cheap learning instruments that encourage careful engagement and help students to plan, reference, graph, document,…
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Mobile Technology
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Extract of sample "Mobile Technology"

Download file to see previous pages It is meant to assist educators in the decision-making process especially when using mobile devices. The book also presents the advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning in a school context. Various polices that can be used in education are presented to facilitate decision making in mobile learning.
Chinnery introduces Language Learning using mobile devices. The paper presents details on Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), as well as its capabilities in language learning and teaching. MALL is an amalgamation language teaching approach which can successfully incorporate reading, listening, and speaking activities. The paper can be used to develop critical thinking and research skills. Use of the MALL software is common in most schools and the soft where is readily available from the internet. The paper explores the theoretic basics and functions of mobile instruction in the literature and examines the achievability of using this universal technology in learning the Iranian EFL language.
Furthermore, he conducted a survey on the state of learning languages through mobile devices. He reported technical problems experienced while giving students assignments and their feedbacks. Many of the projects conducted using these mobile devices affected lessons due to technical challenges. Other language projects were seriously affected by lack of internet connection or slow internet connection.
He noted that, in order to supplement language teaching, tablets and mobile devices are increasingly being used in the education system. They act as effective ways to monitor students’ performance and feedback presentation. Mobile devices are ideal because one is in apposition to choose the kind of Apps to use during classroom interactions. He asserts that MALL can easily be found in different mobile devices such as iPhones, tablets, and they have started modifying their products to fit the current technological development. Finally, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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