Addiction to Mobile technology (smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices) and the negative effects on the individual." - Research Paper Example

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Mobile addiction is a contemporary problem as children, adolescents have wide access to mobile devices, and producers of the devices continue to invent and incorporate features and applications that capture users. Features for internet access that facilitate use of social media,…
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Addiction to Mobile technology (smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices) and the negative effects on the individual."
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Extract of sample "Addiction to Mobile technology (smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices) and the negative effects on the individual.""

Addiction to mobile technology April 16, Addiction to mobile technology Mobile addiction is a contemporary problem as children, adolescents have wide access to mobile devices, and producers of the devices continue to invent and incorporate features and applications that capture users. Features for internet access that facilitate use of social media, games, text messages, and voice calls are examples that promote addiction. One of the effects of addiction to mobile technology, according to a study by Yen et al. (2009), is depression. Results from the study shows that 12.3 percent of the investigated adolescents had severe depression (reporting at least 28 symptoms), based on number of depression symptoms that they reported. In addition, the authors identify significant level of depression with at least four symptoms of problematic cellular phone use (CPU). About 48 percent of the study’s participants reported at least a problematic CPU and this, considered together with the percentage that reported severe depression, suggests that a significant percentage of adolescents who use cellular phones suffer from depression because of the usage. Elements of problematic CPU and functional impairments that cellular usage and addiction cause are also symptoms of depression and this identify the addiction as a factor to depression. Withdrawal symptoms in the absence of CPU usage, poor interpersonal relationships, poor academic performance, and poor physical and psychological activity are some of the symptoms of problematic CPU that relates to depression and identifies addictive cellular phone usage as a cause of depression. The number of reported problems associated with addictive cellular phone usage is also positively correlated with level of depression and this means that low-level addiction that has lower number of problem identifies low-level depression. Gender, age, and residential area moderate the relationship (Yen et al., 2009).
Mobile phone usage also influences people’s behavior into addictive phone use and this has effects on behavior in other scopes. According to a study by Deursen, Bolle, Hegner, and Kommers (2015), using smartphone develops into an addiction to operation of the phones. This means that an individual who has the phone and is using it is likely to evolve into habitual usage such consistency in making calls, sending messages, and using internet applications in the phone. Developed habit of phone usage, which can also define phone addiction, means little time for social interactions and other activities such as studies to define a person’s tight schedule and limited social relationship. Many factors moderate the effect of phone usage on behavior. Using the phone for social media interaction is an example and increases chances of addictive phone behavior. This is however more significant in women than in men and influences behavior in other scopes such as physical social interaction and daily schedules because the more time a person spends on social media and cellular phone, the less time is available for other activities. Social stress and poor self-control are other moderator factors to addictive effects of cellular phones on behavior. Age is another moderator factor to the effects on behavior with older people being less susceptible. Continued developments in technology that improve features of cellular phones to make them more attractive are therefore a threat to behavior, especially among adolescents. This is because usage of the features is likely to be addictive into cellular usage behavior and to influence behavior in other scopes.
Deursen, A., Bolle, C., Hegner, S., and Kommers, P. (2015). Modeling habitual and addictive smartphone behavior: The role of smartphone usage types, emotional intelligence, social stress, self-regulation, age, and gender. Computers in Human Behavior 45, 411-42.
Yen, Cheng et al. (2009). Symptoms of problematic cellular phone use, functional impairment and its association with depression among adolescents, Southern Taiwan. Journal of Adolescence 32(4), 863-873. Read More
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