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Digital Technology Has Ruined How People Entertain Themselves - Essay Example

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Digital technology has ruined how people entertain themselves Name: Instructor: Name: Date: Digital technology has ruined how people entertain themselves The entertainment fields are shifting from traditional to digital technology consequently ruining the entertainment world…
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Digital Technology Has Ruined How People Entertain Themselves
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Extract of sample "Digital Technology Has Ruined How People Entertain Themselves"

Download file to see previous pages The digital technology has ruined the film industries in various ways. The traditional films had the ability to show the objects as real through a connection of similarity. Films no longer work as before after the introduction of the digital technology. For example, the cameras’ functions and variables of film stocks are no longer important in determining the final look of films. These changes have also affected the viewers of the films. Examples of the digital technologies affecting filming entail the image enhancement and editing. These technologies have affected the final products because they only focus on the postproduction phase that culminates to an additional reduction of the traces of photographic indexical contingency in the product (Detweiler, 2008). Several aspects in movies or the films are exaggerated since all the cinematographers are using the digital technology. For example, the colors are too deep and the images are not promotional to their natural sizes. This concept is applicable in all the films and movies today. They make the movies appear the same because the cinematographers use the same colors and lighting effects. Consequently, the audiences no longer feel the sense of seeing the actual world when watching the movies (Bodrogi & Khanh, 2012). The cinematographers should know that every movie must have a different look to prevent monotony in the film industries. There were no shortcuts in the traditional filming because cinematographers applied their craft to bring out emotional response in films. Films cannot produce images exactly as the naked eyes can see; however, the pseudo realistic looks are no longer produced and the images look unrealistic when using the digital cameras (ADC, 2009). The film cameras were used in the film industries in the past; however, the digital cameras have substituted the film cameras. According to researchers, the film camera generated better quality images. For instance, the film camera had better resolution compared to the digital ones (Bodrogi & Khanh, 2012). Researches show that the quality of images produced by the 35mm film cameras are many times better than the pictures produced by the best digital cameras (Bodrogi & Khanh, 2012). This may not affect the photographers but it will affect the individuals who want to see the textures of their images in the photographs. The images produced by the film cameras can be rescanned using the modern scanners because they are very clear. Additionally, more details are visible compared to the images produced by the digital cameras. This is because of the high resolution that favors the film cameras. For instance, the past movies such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” can be rescanned many times with the modern scanners. This is because the analogues cameras that had very high resolution first produced these products (Abrams, 2003). Additionally, the analogue cameras have a higher photo speed compared to the digital cameras. One can experience delays when using the digital cameras because they record information slowly compared to the traditional cameras. An individual can shoot another photo immediately when using the “SLR film cameras” because the process only requires the movement of the shutter to complete an exposure to move to another one (Bodrogi & Khanh, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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