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The research provides an insight on what happens if the organisation takes the initiative of motivating employees. Mobily has taken the first sure steps towards authentic employee motivation. It is not a one shot deal, but it is a continuing process of response and affirmation. …
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Motivation and its influence on employees satisfaction
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Download file to see previous pages Human resource capital is the primordial asset of the organization. This shift in the valuation of the central role of employees in attaining the goals of the organisation is a result of dynamic changes that are happening in the current period. Globalisations, recognition of the notion that organisation have an obligation not only for the satisfaction of the shareholders’ interests but also of the satisfaction of the demands of identified stakeholders, shift in the consciousness of the people and rapid developments in computer and information technology have contributed to paradigm shift that has happened in terms of the importance of employees in organisations. As a result, the current condition and situation of employees today can be claimed to be the result of the long history of the conflict between employees and employers and the current factors that are influencing human interactions in the contemporary period.
As the integral role of the employees in the organisation is recognised, the inherent importance of motivating employees to enhance their effectivity, job performance and productivity has been continually articulated by the scholars.
Recently, an important development in the service sector has taken the industry by storm – the establishment of call centres. Call centres are more popularly known as the called contact centre or profit centre. It is the section of the organisation that handles and manages customer contacts through voice, e-mail or chat. Contact centres use a special type of software, which enables to route contact information to appropriate people, to track contacts and gather information or data (Baziotoupolus, 2006). The services provided by call centres include inbound sales, directory assistance, technical support and billing inquiries. In this context, the research will be dealing with notion of employee motivation of workers who are involved in call centres. The concept of employee motivation holds the same regardless of the nature of work. This means that motivation is a primordial factor that affects employee satisfaction, which influences not only the personal development and growth of the individual employee but also that of the organisation as the whole. Back Ground of the Study The development of call centres is driven by the rapid developments in computer and information technology and telecommunications. Through these developments, consumers as well as organisations have been given the option to transact via the Internet or over the phone. In this regard, call centres have created alternative means with which customers can be contacted, thus render services. as such, call centres offer the approach wherein the market of the company can be expanded while at the same time having the chance to offer the products to possible new clients with having to go through the rudiments of actual, physical contact. In this way, services are provided when needed, products are offered when requested and customer care is managed at anytime, anywhere. As call/contact centres create an advantage for the organisation due to expanded market coverage and effective customer care 24/7, the employees or call centre agents, on the other hand, are exposed to gruelling work conditions such as several hours of talking over the phone with faceless clients often irritated, discriminatory or inpatient. Another concern is the rendering extra hours of service if the client demands or requires it, and the monotony of the job, which increases job dissatisfaction. This situation is further compounded by other issues such as lack of time for leisure and managerial concerns. In the face of this rising concern, Mobily company, one of the leading telecommunications and internet service provider in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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